Hackers Take Down Multiple Game Services

DERP Offline

It’s an interesting end-of-year tale that seems too crazy to believe at first: a group of hackers known as DERP (DerpTrolling on Twitter) have laid claim to a large set of attacks aimed at various game servers including League of Legends, Dota 2, Battle.net, EA, and even Club Penguin.

The activity seemed to have started yesterday on League of Legends just before PhantomL0rd began streaming, and the group soon attached to his gaming, shutting down the servers of each game he played, from Dota 2 to Club Penguin. Unfortunately for the streamer, the activity culminated in a fake hostage situation at his own house that had him in handcuffs – you can hear the recount of his tale on YouTube.

The cyber attacks are continuing today, taking down Runescape.com most recently at the time of this post, as well as one of Westboro Baptist Church’s websites. We will attempt to update this post with any further gaming-related incidents as possible.

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