Kickstarter Report: August 2019

by Jason Parker (Ragachak)

It’s always a good month for video games! Kickstarter is a fantastic platform to see your dreams of any sort come to life. But, we’re a gaming website, so we have a particular goal: Highlight interesting video game Kickstarters! I wanted to talk about something that is not a video game but is a technology that is video game adjacent. GENKI: Covert Dock is a product that has met over 1500% funding, and is a charge port that frees you from the Nintendo Switch dock. Now you can just bring this little charge port, plug your cables into it, and hook it to a TV. Want to travel and afraid your Switch Dock will take up too much space/become damaged? Well with this you won’t have to stress! Bring it with you to play Smash with your friends! Take it to the doctor’s office, I don’t care! (Don’t do that please) It’s listed here and has more than met its funding. But it’s an awesome product and 100% worthy of being seen. Before I get started, kudos to Kingdoms of the Dump for being 100% funded! That’s one we showed here, so I’m glad to see this.

Killer Gin (2D RPG): Killer Gin has a feel that makes me think of RPG Maker, but I like that style of retro game, so that’s totally fine with me. This is an old-school style RPG, that also includes farming and dating mini-games to try and build a life around your particular character, and who doesn’t love farming in games? They say that your decisions impact gameplay, and it’s going to have a dark, unpredictable tone. You guys know me, I like sorrow in my video games, so I’m very curious to see where this tale of civil war, fantasy and conflict will bring. The map of the world looks pretty big and also has that Dragon Quest/Final Fantasy look that I love so much. The minimum to pick up the game when it releases (est. Oct 2019) is 10 dollars, but if you ever wanted to be a datable character in a game, and why wouldn’t you, 500 bucks will get you just that! You can become a datable entity in the world of Killer Gin. It’s still a very new Kickstarter, and it has a concept that I think is pretty darn neat. Backed: 37/1200 (39 days to go). Link: Killer Gin

Hippoboar Rancher (Farming/Simulation): Okay, Otusun’s mascot, the Hippoboar is damn adorable. This is a game that’s being developed in Japan by Otusun Land, but with Kickstarter, they want to have it localized in English as well. If they can surpass this goal of 1200 dollars, they will work towards voicing the entire game in Japanese, which will include the adorable hippoboars. In the game, dark elf Logan Lansdale winds up owning a ranch, complete with livestock. But it turns out to be just a run-down house, with some fences, and a couple of hippoboars. Then the hippoboars escape! So it’s time to make this thing work, and have a successful hippoboar ranch! As far as rewards go, 7 dollars will get you the game on Steam, and your name in the credits. As far as “character in the game” costs go, this one’s the most reasonable I’ve seen in a while: 150 dollars will get you an NPC in the game, complete with quest. Plus, it’s an adorable looking game, and it’s something I’d like to see come to America. Backed: 377/1200 (30 days to go). Link: Hippoboar Rancher


Alder’s Blood (Stealth/Tactical): “Rider with your crew of hunters on a quest to kill your god” sells me on this game without having to know anything else. Alder’s Blood is a turn-based tactical strategy game, with a gorgeous art style, where players manage resources and deal with a never-ending supply of horrific monsters, and manifestations of your god’s decay. You’ll need to observe the wind and be careful because enemies can track your scent. However you can lure these enemies into traps, so you can also use it to your advantage. But with the presence of an old god in this dark, decaying world, even the darkness is an enemy. The darkness can summon more enemies, or change them into an avatar of the broken god’s will. This is such a cool concept if I’m being honest. They have a release window of Q1 2020 and is presently in Alpha. Shockwork Games is well on the way to getting this funded, but they can’t do it without help. 20 dollars will net fans the game, and if you want to build an NPC with the team, you can do so for 1500 dollars. Backed: 7961/12000. Link: Alder’s Blood

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