Marvelous USA to end Service of PC Division

MegaTen Closure

February 28th will mark the end of online PC publication by Marvelous USA. This means the closure of Pandora Saga: Age of Discord, Shin Megami Tensei Imagine, and BattleSpace.

Though this comes as a great surprise (and the MegaTen fans in particular are quite up in arms), Marvelous is surprisingly going out with a bang in each title, pushing live all developed content originally scheduled for much later launches. Those enjoying these games can be sure of plenty of events and additions to their title before the final closure at the end of the month.

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  • Rima Touya

    So sad to see such a great game go! I only just started playing a few months ago, and I was just getting the hang of it. I don’t think there’s any game quite like this.

  • The General

    I think another game website should bring the lost MMORPG games from Marvelous but sadly I doubt it. I think it was unfair but what do I do?

  • Rhose

    i was with this game from the very beginning an this was just f*ckin crushing…ive played this for years…why? why did they throw it away… TT-TT

  • NiuWang

    This really annoys me, such a great game and I always loved how your build affected everything about your character. The whole Cathedral was my hangout spot..