Nintendo Switch News – 3/5/18 – 3/9/18

Nintendo Switch News 3.5 - 3.8

by Jason Parker (Ragachak)

Good morning, Internet! Well, it’s been quite a week for Nintendo! Yesterday, the March Nintendo Direct hit the Internet, and boy did fans erupt with joy for some of it! Now on a personal note, I’m only really excited for one of the games coming out that was announced: Octopath Traveler! It received a release date (July 23rd, 2018), Crash Bandicoot was announced as well. His trilogy remake is coming to the Switch, making a lot of folks very happy. More Wii-U titles are on the way too! Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is the next Wii-U title that many might have missed out on. Then there’s the Dark Souls Remaster (And the Dark Souls Amiibo that is a must-have for me at the very least), not to mention Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes. I will say that I’m shocked that South Park: The Fractured But Whole is coming to the Switch. But perhaps the biggest news to arrive from this Direct was Super Smash Bros. Now, we don’t know much about it, other than that Splatoon’s Inklings are playable. If you’d like to watch the full thing, I’ll embed it below. But let’s look at some more viable, playable games!

Scribblenauts Showdown (March 6th): Scribblenauts is an adorable, wonderful franchise, and the latest title, Showdown, is a party-style Scribblenauts game. With a 35,000 word dictionary, conjure just about anything you desire in over 25 games. It also has a fun Sandbox mode where you can exercise your creativity in truly phenomenal ways. Up to four players can get down with some colorful action, where using your words is the way to win. But you can also play against the CPU in a Versus Mode, so even people playing alone can have fun. 39.99 Retail/Digital.

Fear Effect Sedna (March 6th): From Square Enix and Forever Entertainment, an action/stealth game also seen on Steam/PS4/XBox One, it’s enhanced by what it calls the “Fear system”, you can harness your team’s dynamic abilities to solve puzzles in unique ways. A sequel to the 1999 hit, Fear Effect on the Playstation, enter the spirit realm to stop mystic forces, only if you are brave enough. The weapons are cool, the cutscenes are stylish and intriguing, there’s definitely a lot on offer with this stand-out title on the Nintendo Switch. I’m glad Nintendo consoles are getting edgier, Mature content and Fear Effect Sedna’s on that list with a Mature rating. 19.99 Digital

Steredenn: Binary Stars (March 8th): Do you love roguelikes and SHMUPs (Shoot ’em Ups)? Well, Steredenn: Binary Stars is the pixel-art game for you! Gorgeous pixels, with co-op and solo action, you fight the worst scourges the universe has to offer. It’s also very much in the style of the Japanese Bullet Hell, where pixel-perfect timing helps to avoid huge walls of colorful, aggravating bullets. A host of weapons await you, the pilot, as does an engaging soundtrack. Travel through gorgeous space-scapes and unleash laser-based Hell on any that try to bar your path! 12.99 Digital

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