Nintendo Switch News – Week of 4/20

by Jason Parker (Ragachak)

Dark Souls Switch

The Dark Souls Solaire Amiibo is also coming this summer.

If you are reading this, then I am gone; and I guess you might be pretty bummed. However don’t worry, it’s only for the weekend! I’m taking in the sights in Las Vegas and checking out the H1PL (H1Z1 Pro League), for which you can count on coverage over on MMOHuts. However, we do have some news for the Switch for you guys! However, I do want to start with some somber, unfortunate news. Initially, Dark Souls: Remastered was slated to come out on May 25th on the Switch, but it was moved out towards later this summer. This will give the dev team to make sure the Nintendo Switch version will be the Dark Souls experience the fans deserve and can play anytime/anywhere, with the unique nature of the portable Switch console. The other versions will still be on May 25th, but Switch fans will have to wait.

Gain Ground - Switch

SEGA AGES is coming to the Switch also! SEGA is reviving this series that brought some of their classics to a modern console is coming back in Summer 2018. This is going to be a wild summer for the Switch! The first five titles coming to this system have been announced: The SEGA Master System versions of Phantasy Star and Alex Kidd in Miracle World, and the Sega Genesis versions of Thunder Force IV and Sonic the Hedgehog. In addition, we’ll be seeing the original arcade version of Gain Ground. This will mark the first time that several of these SEGA titles have had official Western releases, and when we have more information, we’ll certainly pass it along to you.

BAFL (Brakes Are For Losers) (4/19):  You know what all Nintendo consoles need? A crazy, fast, multi-player racing title. BAFL is just that. 8 player arcade racing action comes to the Switch today! Insane tracks that allow up to 8 people to play in local co-op for some serious top-down racing. Previously released on Steam, Switch fans are now invited to the party! You can upgrade your car, use sneaky tricks to win races, and challenge the strength of your friendship – a tried and true trademark of the Nintendo consoles. There is also a single-player experience, with championship races against AI, Time Attack, and Perfect Race mode. Delightful maps from the 80s/90s pop culture can be experienced, with some truly interesting details, if you’re paying attention. And the title isn’t just for show: There. Are. No. Brakes. Go fast, go hard, win games. I’m excited for BAFL. (4.99)

Neo ATLAS 1469 (4/19): ARC System Works never fails to surprise me with their range of video games. Sure you could say “Stay in your lane, make great fighting games”, but that’s boring! Though this was “published” by ARCSys, developed by ARTDINK. In Neo ATLAS 1469, you play as the Master of a Trading Company, and your aim is to complete the World Map. It’s time to show the world what the World truly is, and you do this through hiring various admirals to sail for you. You Approve or Disapprove of their decisions, and shape the world in your own image. This takes place right at the start of the Age of Exploration and depending on how you play, the World may end up very different than our actual world. Definitely a niche’ title, but I can see this being very enjoyable to be able to sit on the couch and relax with a good drink, and make some decisions. (29.99)

Nintendo Labo (4/20 in NA, 4/27 in EU): I’m truthfully still skeptical of the Nintendo Labo kit, but it seems like people testing it truly loved it. Maybe it’s because it’s aimed at family/group interaction, and I don’t really get a lot of that out in the wilderness. I see the appeal though. You don’t have to worry about cutting yourself making these, the cardboard bits pop right out and are ready to set up. It’s a toy-constructing system developed by Nintendo, and the user makes what are called “Toy-Cons”, that interact with game software, and vice versa. It’s a fun way to teach kids and adults the principles of engineering, physics, and programming. So in that, I think it’s wonderful. I don’t know if I’d have fun messing with, unless I had a lot of time, but I do have to say, it’s a very cool concept, and I can see parents buying it for their kids and learning together. That’s what makes it so special. There are two kits, the Variety Kit (69.99) and the Robo Kit (79.99) and if I’m honest, I’d probably use the Robo Kit more.

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