Perfect World International Riptide Launch Interview

Questions by Andy Skelton (Outfoxed)

Answered by PWI China Dev Team

PWI Eclipse Riptide Interview

Summer is always a hot time in Perfect World International, and things are getting even better with today’s launch of the Riptide expansion. In addition to the most challenging and advanced water zones ever introduced to the game, there are also expansions in cultivation quests and a new Star Chart system to further differentiate yourself from other characters. We got a chance to talk briefly to the development team out of China to see what to expect.

PWI Eclipse Riptide Interview

Outfoxed: With the game now approaching seven years in North America, what is Riptide bringing to the game to keep things fresh?


PWI: There will be a whole new underwater area, where the quests and adventures will be very interesting. The players will run into horrible sea monsters and a powerful boss. Besides that, the Dark Emperor’s artifact, the Star Chart, is also introduced in this expansion. The Star Chart’s growth is gradual, and the players have to carefully develop their star charts, and have all the fun of the new game.


Outfoxed: Will underwater combat be three-dimensional (e.g. being able to fight monsters above and below, rather than in front)?


PWI: Yes, the underwater combat is complete 3D, which could be a very different experience. Unlike aerial combat, it’s much harder to get out of a bad situation when you’re in the depths. Players will have to choose their battles carefully, and keep eyes in the back on their head on PvP servers.

PWI Eclipse Riptide Interview

Outfoxed: Star Charts seem like an interesting advancement path. Are the birthstars and fatestars random or do different charts offer static buffs?


PWI: It is a complicated new system. The star chart is composed of birthstars and fatestars. An activated birthstar will grant stats boosts, while activating two adjacent birthstars can also activate the fatestar they connect to, granting players even higher boosts. Stats-wise and gain-wise, the players can yield a lot from the star chart. The only problem is that they have to experiment to find the best combination for themselves, and find out how to get the best out of it. It takes some serious time and thinking.

PWI Star Chart Flare 1

Outfoxed: How will players earn the items needed to upgrade their star charts (daily quests, instances, cash shop, et al.)?


PWI: There is a variety of items needed to develop the star chart. Different items can be acquired in different ways, such as daily quests, instances, and other rewards. They don’t have to worry about that as long as they enjoy the game.


Outfoxed: Does the new judgment mode for Flowsilver Palace simply increase the difficulty of the instance, or will players need to watch out for brand new mechanics to overcome?


PWI: It is a whole new level of challenge. Not just the mobs are stronger, we also introduced a secret boss, the Mad Princess. The new boss will prove to be a tough obstacle for players to overcome. The old boss monsters also require different strategies to defeat on this new difficulty.

PWI Eclipse Riptide Interview

Outfoxed: Is there anything you can reveal about expanding and improving cultivation as was teased in the first sneak peek?


PWI: Well, we will introduce some new story lines and quests, which are advanced in quite a different way.


Outfoxed: What is your favorite part of the upcoming expansion (that you can discuss), so far?


PWI: Definitely the star chart system. Players of different classes have different uses of it, and even for players of a same class, they can choose how to develop their star charts as they prefer. It is very agile and flexible.

PWI Star Chart

Outfoxed: Thanks for taking the time to answer all these questions! PWI Riptide is out now, and we have a special item pack you can snag to get the most out of the new content, including a gold guardian and spirit charm! Grab one from our giveaway page here and learn more about PWI Riptide on the official site.

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