Rise of Mythos, Angels and Dragons in Update 1.4


GameFuse, the leading publisher of free-to-play online games, is pleased to announce that Rise of Mythos, the #1 Strategy/RPG card game, is releasing the first part of the new massive Update 1.4 with new cards, quests,  and numerous new in-game features to enhance the player gaming experience.

Update 1.4 will be broken into 3 different updates. Part 1 introduces players to two new races, Angels and Dragons. Angels are powerful warriors on the field of battle and amazing support cards! Angels feature a relatively low attack but decent health scores, making them good damage sponges in a fight. However, their abilities make them some of the best support cards in the entire game.


Dragons are introduced as offensive powerhouses sure to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies. Flame Dragons have relatively low cooldowns combined with high attack scores and a moderate health score. Their Flame Wing ability not only grants them the power of flight, but also reduces fire damage taken by half.

In addition, there will be two brand new events called: “Red Dragon Lair” and “God in the Tower”. The “Red Dragon Lair” allow players to summon their courage to face the powerful Mother of Flames, Veraaksia!  You’ll need to fight your way through waves of her draconic offspring to take her down, and you’ll need to do it quickly, because if you take too long, Veraaksia will wipe out your entire party! While “God in the Tower” challenges you to climb to the highest levels of Ascension Tower and fight against the armies of Heaven.  Should you be fortunate enough to come across the host of angels, you’ll be able to earn bonus points completing quests which will yield even richer rewards!

In the upcoming months, additional updates to 1.4 will be released in different stages to provide the community with exciting new content to further their gaming experience in the world of Rise of Mythos!

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