The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot Wraps Up Closed Beta and Looks Ahead

MQfEL Final Update

The team behind The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot has posted a new update today, taking a look at the end of closed beta as well as the road map for the future.

Today marks the last day of the game’s closed beta, which has included the introduction of a new Defense Mode, Lootable Mines, Hero Progression, and the plans for the game’s monetization. As a reward, all alpha and closed beta testers will receive an exclusive pet, Nuggles; an exclusive costume, the Chicken Hat; and an exclusive profile picture.

MQfEL Nuggles

Meanwhile, the developers are placing two new items on the game’s roadmap as open beta draws near: crafting and chapters. Crafting will be intended to be a loot-and-create system that may include bonuses for heroes, dyes, and more. Chapters, on the other hand, will begin telling the story of Opulencia. The prelude is being written, and chapters will soon commence. Each chapter will be a limited time event that gives players individual and common goals while revealing more of the Story of Opulencia.

You can read the full developer update here.

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