Tynon Review – Bringing Real Hybrid Gameplay

By Remko Molenaar (Proxzor) OnRPG Journalist

Tynon Review

Over the last years we have seen many games being developed in flash so it can be played in your browser. Tynon is one of such games, created by uCool Inc with the goal to make a hybrid of various popular browser titles. Many of the flash games I have seen of the last few years have been either really interesting, or just a direct clone of something already on the market. Tynon caught my eye though because of their initial plans of making a hardcore hybrid game. All signs pointed to this being one of the good ones as I jumped into the game.

Tynon 2

What exactly is a hybrid game? This might be a thought floating in your head right now as the title has been used and abused countless times in past years. Let me explain Tynon’s take on the term. The combat itself is pretty basic, your character and heroes fight in a sequence. But you are not able to do anything during the fight at all; thus it comes down to your tactics and pre-match decisions. Your character will always have the backup of heroes acting as guardian angels over your battles.

Throughout the story, by doing quests and other things you can acquire additional heroes. Tynon does a decent job keeping each hero unique and useful for a given strategy. Each hero has a special set of skills and can be equipped with their own set of equipment. It is important to take the time to outfit your favorites with the best equipment as it has a drastic impact on battle outcomes.

Tynon 3

Next thing up is the Arena, in the arena you can test your strength as you face-off with real players. In this arena, you will duke it out with another player that is either around the same level as you, or started in the same period of time. The several ladders you are able to fight on are definitely challenging and offer an adequate distraction from questing. Again, the combat here is done automatic and everything has to be set up before you head into battle.

Tynon 4

While these features sound awesome, there are a few things that I am not too happy about. First of all when you start the beta, you will be introduced to the Auto Navigation system. Perhaps if you have read more reviews from me, you know I am totally against such a system, and added up together with the automatic combat, this makes it too easy for lazy players to still find success.  It basically turns this great game into a clicking game while you are not paying attention because the game does basically everything for you from walking to objectives to killing your foes. You are there purely to check if it successfully does the objective or if you have to click again. Sure you can do everything manually, but in the end clicking one button defeats the purpose of playing the game. Perhaps I care too much, but if the combat is automatic as well, I can’t see this added luxury as ever being justified. There is even an auto grind system to level yourself up if you are too low for the next mission. You won’t even see the fight itself happening, you will merely see your character confronting the monster and that is basically it.

Training and upgrading your weapons can be done with credits found from doing anything in the world. Unfortunately you can only upgrade and learn skills a select amount of times before it goes on cooldown. This cooldown can be hours long but can be skipped if you have Gems. These can be acquired as well but are rarely found. You can also buy them with real money if you’re interested in the continued development of Tynon.

Tynon Review Conclusion

Conclusion: Good

For a browser game Tynon is really a step forward from most browser games I have seen. From the quests, to the dungeons everything in this game works really well and there is a lot for players to do. Not only is this game a lot of fun to play by yourself, you can also play with others. This includes the additional raid dungeons that require friends or guilds to accomplish. Besides having great gameplay (minus a few quarks I dislike), the game itself offers beautiful artwork. From the animations to the game world itself, everything looks smooth with each area you visit carrying a differentiating theme from the others. If you do not mind the flaws I had with the game, I can definitely recommend you to play it because the game has a lot of features to keep you entertained, and the rich content can keep you hooked for a long time.

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