Uncharted Waters Online Review 2015

By Remko Molenaar (Proxzor)


UWO 2015 Review

There aren’t a lot of games specifically about sailing the open seas, having your own crew, and making your own adventure out of it in a rather free form setting. As such Uncharted Waters Online remains successful after almost 5 years of service, now with a Playstation 4 version on the way later this year. And even though the game might be looking a little outdated, the game offers a wide variety of fun gameplay activities that it’s still amazingly active community will gladly join you in.

The community is really something I was happy to see so active. Inside each city or outside the ports I’ve seen a ton of players going on their business and sailing everywhere doing their own thing. When doing follow up reviews on MMOs these days, most are ghost towns in the starter zones, so this was startling to me. Apparently having no competition for your genre makes a big difference in keeping the game active over time.


UWO 2015 Review

Basic Beginnings

When you begin making your first character you will notice that you can only choose among 6 nationalities. These nationalities are mainly the countries that have done a lot of trading or were major world players in the age of colonization. As you’d expect, that means the starting zone is primarily staged on the European coastlines, leaving players to choose between England, the Dutch Republic, France, the Spanish Empire, the Kingdom of Portugal and the Republic of Venice as their home port. Besides their sailor’s home, they can also choose what kind of class to be. There are three classes in these games, and even though you will have to make a choice, you aren’t necessarily bound or forced to play this specific role. The player can choose between adventurer, merchant, and soldier. These classes are exactly what they are named after, so don’t expect them to fair equally in a fight. That’s just how Uncharted Waters Online rolls (or sails). Gameplay doesn’t have to be about seeing how has the biggest guns, but can rather be about who has the best strats to make a ton of money without getting robbed.

Even if you choose the role of soldier, you aren’t bound to being one. Especially for new players it is recommended to enlist in school and take different classes for each specific role to see what the fuss is all about. If you simply want to trade goods, sail from one place to another, and do not mind the lack of excitement of having your life on the line, then that’s what you should do. You won’t be held back for failing to complete any specific class based objectives so don’t worry and just do what’s fun. This can be a rare and jarring realization in the MMORPG world, but I assure you it’s a nice change of pace. Though UWO isn’t quite on the level of a full-fledged sandbox, its style of content certainly seems to have been a front runner moving towards that movement. As such if you dig the idea of sandbox gaming but still like a little bit of structure in your objectives, Uncharted Waters Online offers a happy medium.

I myself decided to do a bit of everything to test how the game has evolved over the years. I like adventures, I like to be rich, and I would never back away from a good fight in a video game. And this is perfectly fine, if you’re willing to put in the time. Each class levels independently, so leveling all your classes can be a slow process. But to maximize your experience it is certainly worthwhile. This isn’t just about experiencing gameplay as a tank versus a dps, but an entirely different perspective on every aspect of the game.


UWO 2015 Review


The storyline in Uncharted Waters Online isn’t half as bad either, it follows the evolution of the Age of Exploration. As you progress, you’ll witness the rise of the English naval power and spread of European influence to the New World. If you’re not a total stickler for historical accuracy, and can overlook a few anachronisms, it does give you a nice education about how the world ran in the era of pirates and awful maps. Not Somalians in speedboats but the real gritty swashbucklers drunk on rum and singsongs!



Since I had chosen to belong to the Dutch Republic, I began in Amsterdam. Rather than setting sail to disaster, I choose the wiser route of starting off in school. When I was done following the tutorial so in-depth, it deserves a placard upon completion, I was sufficiently ready to set sail. First stop? The rich shores of England, full of novice captains and lush riches. Or so I thought.

UWO 2015 Review

My first fight turned quickly into a melee battle as our crew went head to head. I simply didn’t have the biggest swords and lost. My second fight went a little better, but I think my luck wasn’t with me that day. I ran out of cannon projectiles right when the ship I was fighting with was on its last health points. So I had to return home, and experienced the life of a pirate to get my payroll back in the black. When you plan to steal booty, you also have to have enough resources for when the fights don’t go too well, or you will flat out fail. When leaving port, you have to check if you have enough food on board and other items you might need, such as say cannon projectiles! Wasting a good chunk of cannons with no return on investment costs you greatly, not just from ammunition costs but also from food and rum spent on your crew.

And the game chooses to strike a rather realistic tone in this department. For instance, ships aren’t simply sitting around in a ship dealership with sleazy salesmen waiting to take your coin. No you have to slowly build up your ship with different parts over time. In this vein, might say your ship has the same development as your character. You can’t just sail the seas on your own, you also need a crew to help you out. As you might expect, larger ships require more mateys to stay functional, meaning you have to visit the local tavern to recruit additional scallywags over time. This doubles as the location to listen in on rumors about fabled treasures.


UWO 2015 Review

Conclusion: Great

If you have read the full article, you notice I sound really enthusiastic, and that’s because I really am. If you are a big fan of sailing a ship, be it either for coin or, adventure, or action, this game has mastered the concept. Its only drawback is in the lagging graphical department, and in total content. However as the years have passed by, the world has continued to grow, with more and more realms to explore and story to experience. If you’re a gameplay over graphics kind of gamer, Uncharted Waters Online is a must try. With its still active and awesome community, this old seadog still seems to have plenty more years ahead of it. Besides, we pirates need new blood in the waters to keep fed! See you on the open seas…

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  • Pollywadd101

    This game ROCKS! I have played this game almost 3 years and have only scratched the surface. They continue to add content. The most indepth and time consuming and relaxing game I have ever played. You play at your own pace and other players are willing to help out.

  • Banzy

    This a clear example of a cool game that took a wrong turn to blatant Pay to Win
    where the best stuff are behind a pay wall, you can pay real money to ignore pirates and you can get a cash-only version of endgame ships at low levels.

    If you wanna drop some cash on a random game just to catch up to mule Alts, with a dying community of dual boxers and casual RP’ers this one may be the game for you!

    • Sorry i object this one this game is not pay to win game as you see my char it never use cash to make it strong its just need grind hard and do alot trading earn ducat=money buy ship Astro if wanna gamble some money not bad can get some item might have some use for you near future!

      maybe just didnt get idea how to be normal player be strong one with using any realmoney! im sorry for you!

  • Baelfire Berith

    This is an awsome game and still keeps a high number of player base, been playing for a year and a half and there’s new content added every few months. And surely not a P2W game like Banzy claims, all the cash shop items and ships are sold regularly in-game by those who paid them, of course like in every game, those who spend real cash will have and advantage, but is minimal on Uncharted waters Online compared with the 90% of MMOs out there. I recommend this game for the very same reasons given on this article.

  • i been in this game for 4yrs now still good and keep the game flowing and bringing new discovery and something to do! Hope you never miss this game one of best and in this game there is no late gamer all are almost equal as to say can catch up alot player willing to boost your level its up what else can i say tons of job discovery skill to do!

  • Jean Plescha

    The Free to Play Version is full of grind and very Pay to Win yes. Last I played I was up to 30/40$ per month just for the extended storage options etc which the Pay to Play version has all that for free at 15$ per month. Then if you factor in the other expenses some more consumables, like things to make your ships faster and stronger, plus the skill and XP enhancers because the progression is one of the slowest I have event encountered in a game and the grind is enormous, we are talking about at least 3 years play to progress playing 6-8 hours per day, without any enhancements.

    I loved the game for its historical scope, the seamless map of earth in the age of sail, the little things, the trade the hybrid economy and the crafting. The combat mechanics are not as great as POTBS or the upcoming Naval Action, and somehow arcade but can be fun. But when you factor in the Pay to Win aspects then combat is not accessible to all, and lets not forget the grind to master all the skills just to be somehow competitive in PVP. It is a very long curve.

    I wish we had a P2P version, then I would be paying it. The F2P version is not appealing, in-spite of what some say thinking that F2P is better because there is no commitment but then spend 100$ twice a year and that somehow is better (when a full year sub would be something like 150$).

    Then again this is the catch of the F2P model, players like it because of the accessibility, and companies like it because in reality it makes more money than the P2P model for them, yet, the sad truth is that most F2P players are passing by, not many really actually stay in game. The game look busy because it has new players but the population is not growing because people quit after 2-3 months of the grind, some sooner.

    So really, for me this game could have been much fun but it is not the way it is setup in its F2P version. try it for yourself you may be the rare like, or the abundant not like. It is always good to try things out but do not spend a fortune only to quit 4 months down the line, it is wasted money. And there are other Naval Games in teh age of sail coming soon.

    • Fairchild

      one of excellent game made from japan.
      i’ve been playing this game since 2011 and now on still play. thing is this game bring something different other than any game ever.
      see you in game 😉

      and yeah, there is also another awesome game made from japan, the game called pandora saga and its really unforgetable, unfortunately the game was closed and pretty overlooked by some people, but i bet if some people tried that game. and explore the game and the community, they will find something different other than any game ever that has been made.
      wish that game back online again one day.

  • Filipe Leal

    I play this for 5 years, it appeals to all sorts of players; its mostly to relax, but you can trade, discover, fight(pvp or pve)… It has so many features it would take too long to describe.

  • Jesse Finton

    I have been on this magical voyage for four years now, and I must say, it has been a great pleasure to be apart of the growing atmosphere it provides. With it rich in historical accuracy and game play, it is a must for any hardcore MMO player to witness, as well as history nut. With the other topics of pay-to-win, that just depends on how patient you are. You do not reach the history books in only 2 hours of game play, but days and days and months of dedication to make your story be heard for all of the world. With time, dedication, and a bit of smarts, you can become a legend the citizens of Europe will be talking about as they drink their preferred beverage. Mostly everything in the cash shop is exchangeable, so nothing is locked out from the grasps of F2P players. With the community ever growing, as well as the dedication from the staff to keep building upon this masterpiece, I do say it is a must for anything curious to try. 🙂 You shall not be disappointed.

  • Fairchild

    one of excellent game made from japan.
    i’ve been playing this game since 2011 and now on still play. thing is this game bring something different other than any game ever.
    see you in game 😉

    and yeah, there is also another awesome game made from japan, the game called pandora saga. and its really unforgetable, unfortunately the game was closed and pretty overlooked by some people, but i bet if some people tried that game. and explore the game and the community, they will find something different other than any game ever that has been made.
    wish that game back online again one day.