Upcoming RPGs Releasing in August 2022

We are almost midway into August, and we have already seen a number of exciting RPG releases this month. What do we have coming out the rest of the month? Let’s take a look at some upcoming RPGs releasing in August 2022. Your favorite online gaming community is a great place to discuss these forthcoming games and your favorite strategies for playing each of them.

Here are the Upcoming RPGs for the Rest of August

Below, we share each of the RPGs coming out over the remainder of the month. We also share some details about setting, characters and gameplay.


  • Thymesia [PS5/XS/PC] – August 18: This action RPG has you playing a character called Corvus. You will be using a plague as a weapon in a kingdom called Hermes. As you battle through the game, you will recover lost memories that can help you save the kingdom.
  • RPG Time: The Legend of Wright [PS4/Switch] – August 18: After nine years in development, this unique hand-drawn RPG is releasing. Its turn-based combat and one-of-a-kind art style will pull you in.
  • Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory / Fallen Legion Revenants [PS5/XS/XB1/PC] – August 23 (NA), August 26 (EU): Next, this game is a real-time action RPG that features a GRID system for strategy. As politician Lucien and revenant Rowena join together to save Welkin Castle, your choices will have a critical impact on how their story unfolds.
  • SD Gundam Battle Alliance [PS5/PS4/XS/XB1/Switch/PC] – August 25: This SD Gundam game takes you to the G: Universe. Here, you will have the chance to lead a Battle Alliance with a variety of Mobile Suit weapons.

Soul Hackers 2 Screenshot

  • Soul Hackers 2 [PS5/PS4/XS/XB1/PC] – August 26: If you enjoyed the original Soul Hackers, you will be thrilled to have a chance to play the sequel. With its cyberpunk Tokyo setting and its supernatural RPG action, you will have a blast fighting to save the world.
  • Nexomon + Nexomon: Extinction: Complete Collection [PS4/Switch] – August 26: If you are looking for a game experience similar to Pokemon, consider picking up this exciting collection with over 600 Nexomon to catch.
  • Dusk Diver 2 [PS5/PS4/Switch] – August 30: This game is the sequel to the original Dusk Diver. Set in Ximending in Taipei, Taiwan, it allows you to play four characters with plenty of options for customization of skills, equipment and more.

La Pucelle Monster Screenshot

  • La Pucelle: Ragnarok [PC] – August 30: This game is popular in Asia, but is finally releasing in the western world. This version of the game features a number of improvements over the original including fast leveling, camera rotation in combat, the ability to skip cutscenes, and new content.
  • Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure [PC] – August 30: Are you a fan of the Disgaea series? Then you will definitely want to check out Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure. The re-release of the classic game features some upgrades to the graphics for a timeless experience.
  • Prinny Presents NIS Classics Volume 3 [Switch] – August 30 (NA), September 2 (EU): Finally, the same day you can buy Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure and La Pucelle: Ragnarok, you will also have the option of purchasing them together as part of a bundled package on Switch.

That wraps up the list of RPGs that are releasing over the rest of this month. RPGs that released earlier this month include Vanaris Tactics on August 4th, Sword and Fairy: Together Forever on August 4th, Tyrant’s Blessing on August 8th, and Tower of Fantasy on August 10th.

Whatever you are into, there is plenty to enjoy this month. And there are a lot of exciting releases slated for September and the rest of 2022 as well.

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