World of the Living Dead Invites Players to Stress Test In February


Ballardia are proud to announce that, after two months of second-round closed beta testing, World of the Living Dead: Resurrection is now open to zombie fans through computers, tablets and mobile browsers at The beta key requirement has been removed for the month of February, letting players test their survival and management skills in this unique OpenStreetMap-based survival strategy zombie game.

WotLD is a hardcore game with permadeath for strategy fans searching for a challenge. Players take on the role of an operative of the National Emergency Control & Relief Agency (NECRA) controlling squads of survivors in a massive game universe covering all of Los Angeles County and filled with over 10 million zombies. Scavenge real-world locations or attack other players to gather supplies and manage the needs of your survivors while avoiding deadly infectious bites. Advanced players and organized factions can focus on winning the server by researching and ultimately eradicating the zombie virus.

The team has put out 16 builds since December 1, balancing gameplay and polishing all aspects of the game. Recent patches have introduced leaderboards to enable players to track their performance across a range of metrics.

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