Elder Scribe: Goodnight Mundus, Hello Cyrodiil

Elder Scribe: Goodnight Mundus, Hello Cyrodiil

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Elder Scribe




In the great green tomb
There was a chaurus
And a draugr that had been dead since Sundas
And a picture of…
A guar jumping over the Mundus
And there were two netches sitting on benches

And a frost troll with a sweet roll
And an Orcish oaf with a horker loaf

And a storm atronach with the Wabbajack
And an old Moth priest who was whispering, “magicka”

Goodnight Mundus
Goodnight chaurus
Goodnight guar jumping over the Mundus

Goodnight draugr that had been dead since Sundas
Goodnight frost troll
Goodnight sweet roll
Goodnight Orcish oaf with a horker loaf
Goodnight atronach
Goodnight wabbajack
And Goodnight to the Moth priest whispering, “magicka”

Goodnight ogrim, Dremora, clannfear
Goodnight Daedra everywhere



A lovely bed time story for the children of Tamriel told by Loremaster Lawrence Schick. It may have been lost in the excitement and confusion that is April Fools Day, but I saw the video and now I pass it on. It may not be the most child friendly night time story but then again we have lullabies like Rock-a-bye Baby.



From the looks of it this is just the first in a new series of youtube videos made by ZeniMax called Bedtime Tales of Tamriel. Or maybe that’s just me and my wishful thinking.



But if bed time stories aren’t for you there is plenty more to be found. There have been two combat related Ask Us Anything sessions. There they tackle questions from the hardcore to the random. Important questions about taking arrows to the knee and sneaking around. You can find the questions and answers on the official ESO website by going here and here.



And finally for this week the conflict in Cyrodiil, Part 1. War rages between the Alliances of The Elder Scrolls Online. Cyrodiil becomes available at level 10 though there is plenty of PvP going on there is also a little something for everyone. Desperate towns who will accept assistance from any Alliance willing to help. And though the townspeople will be neutral the streets will be patrolled by soldiers from the local keep, who may or may not be friendly. And between the repeatable town quests you’ll be able to rummage for crafting resources in the vast and diverse landscape. And if you’re very lucky you may run across some valuable materials which can only be found in Cyrodiil. And crafting tables will be available in the safe areas near the entrances of Cyrodiil. And for the explorers amongst us there are ruins and caves filled with unknown treasures. If you’re interesting in something a little more long term you can take part in campaigns. These campaigns run for months and are a battle for control over Cyrodiil. How well your alliance performs in the campaign will affect bonuses players can get across the world. If you do take part in the battles in Cyrodiil you’ll be rewarded with Alliance Points which can be used to buy armor, weapons or even advancing skills that are specific to Cyrodiil.



This sounds a lot like WvW in Guild Wars 2 but expanded. As someone who hates PvP I’ve found this sort of set up very inviting. And it thrills me to see that there will be something similar in ESO.



In part 2 the discussion will move to securing and defending keeps, resource objectives and the siege weapons that will be used to do so. So be sure to keep an eye open for the next article on OnRPG. And just in case you missed it, I teamed up with my real life partner in crime fighting Jonathan “Ardua” Doyle to cover our ESO gameplay at PAX East. Between the two of us we had three hours with the beautiful game and we wanted to share that experience with everyone. Check it out here. But before I sign off for the week I want to ask you which you prefer to use. Is The Elder Scrolls Online shortened to ESO or TESO? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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