Fairyland Review: Let Your Fairy Tale Come To Life

By Vincent Haoson (Vincenthaoson), Onrpg writer
Fairyland is an MMORPG from Lager Network. The game centers on the story that people nowadays are forgetting the fairy tales that we have grown to love since we were kids. Some minor stories have been finally forgotten that the citizens of this world, the world of Mysteria needed to find a way for their world to stop crumbling.
As a solution for their plight, the citizens of Mysteria have decided to open their doors for people so that they may believe in fairy tales once more.

Character Creation

The character creation in Fairyland is not that complex. You have a limited amount of choices for the look of your character which include the gender, the kind of suit your character has the skin color and you can adjust the color of your suit as you would like it to look. Character customization is minimal in Fairyland and the thing that distinguishes your character from the numerous of players out there is the color of your suits as you pass through one job class to another.
As you level up in Fairyland you earn stat points which you can allocate to different attributes which are: strength, agility, charm, intelligence, constitution and luck. Each attribute affects your character in a certain way like most MMORPGs which follow the same ability tree.

Game Features

The game has a treasure trove of features, but the thing that best defines the game is that it has a pet library that reaches into the thousands. Your character owns a pet which, when nurtured, can be part of your party and take on the numerous cute, but deadly monsters that populate Mysteria.
Besides owning and nurturing the pets, you can also mix and combine them to create a new and more powerful pet. This is reminiscent of the console game Monster Rancher to the consoles while it can be compared to Shin Megami Tensei Imagine for the MMO scene.
Aside from the humongous pet library, the game also features a marriage system, a work skill system and a very unique job class system that makes the game different from other MMOs. The job class system in Fairyland is different because before you can delve into the job class itself you need to go through the three major branches of the classes which are the Warrior class, the Diviner class and the Journeyman Class. However, before you can decide to become one of the three classes you have to reach level 10. If you are confused which path you can take in Fairyland you can become an apprentice and experience what it is like.
When you do become an apprentice you’ll receive the skills for that class and you can get to level it up like any normal job class. The thing is that it’s not permanent and you can switch apprenticeships. However, when you do reach the required level of your chosen job class, it will become permanent.

Battle System

Another defining feature in Fairyland is the RPG-ish battle system that it has. In the case of most MMOs, all you need to do is click on the monsters to start attacking them or use your special skills immediately as you see them to kill them. In fairyland there are some differences. You do not get to see the monsters you need to face until you meet them face to face. This happens after you are immediately transported into the battle instance which randomly happen as you go through the world of Mysteria.
When you enter this instance you then get to face the monster or monsters that you need to kill to get the instance over with. You then have a preparation stage where you can set up your battle plan and execute the attacks or skills that you want to use to eliminate the monsters you are currently facing.


Fairyland is one of those games that have a lot of potential to be a hit but it would seem that the game has lost its luster by sticking too much with the graphics engine that is already too dated in this day and age.
There are a lot of redeemable characteristics the game has, such as the interactivity it has with its players, the novelty of having fairy tale characters infusing themselves into an MMORPG and of course having a character that is more than just a PVE-centered avatar.
You have a game with a cliché of a storyline but is suitable for our day and age, a battle system reminiscent of those good ‘ol console RPGs that we so love to play and characters that are both memorable and very much part of our childhood. It would seem the game is an online version of Kingdom Hearts, minus the Disney brand.
The only difference between Kingdom Hearts and Fairyland is that the latter has failed to evolve visually. You have a F2P games like this that are obviously centered on today’s youth but fail to impress them due to the lack of visual “umph” which other F2Ps offer.
Thankfully this problem has not escaped the eyes of those who are running Fairyland, who made sure that at least they have enough content to make the people who are currently playing stay and enjoy the game. Until this moment I had not seen a game that has completely embraced its community in such a way that everything made by the community that is related to the game is showcased both in its main website and its wiki page.
Also, I must include that among the F2P sector, rarely have I seen a wiki page that is as informative as the one Fairyland has. It has everything about everything about the game and the only thing a person may complain about it is that the wiki page ruins the exploration and getting to know the MMORPG.
As I have mentioned, Fairyland has a lot of redeeming qualities that you would not find in other games, it also has the novelty value that is exclusive to Fairyland. The thing is, would you be willing enough to play a game that’s this graphically outdated? If you are willing to set aside that bias and give the game a chance then I would think that you can enjoy Fairyland to the fullest.
– There are a lot of things besides level grinding
– The game is easy to pick up
– The game takes to great lengths to make the players feel at home with the game
– Outdated graphics
– There are not other camera angles, this becomes problematic on fights
– The game controls feel clumsy

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