Fall in Love with RPGS All Over Again with Tower of Time

Tower of Time News

Tower of Time, an RPG sure to make Elven archers, and battle-hungry dwarves alike rejoice, is coming out of Early Access in April 2018. It was created by independent developer Event Horizon and is garnering a lot of positive support on Steam. Designed to offer RPG-lovers new levels of depth and tactical choice, Tower of Time features over 30 hours of story-based gameplay that harks back to CRPG classics such as Baldur’s Gate and the Might and Magic series.  Set in a faraway land, players must guide their party of multi-skilled warriors and mages through 11 levels of the mysterious Tower of Time. Beginning with two party members, Kane, the Shieldguard, and Maeve, the Marksman, players build their roster as the game progresses. Class-based characters include classics such as the Dwarven Runelord and Elven Druid, as well as original concepts like the Shadow Mystic and Frostling Blademaster.

Tower of Time’s most significant innovation is its Arrow -Time combat system which is a version of Bullet-Time for CRPG’s. It allows players to slow down combat or even pause it completely, enabling true strategic development as the battle unfolds. Heavily armoured fighters can be sent to the front line with enchanted weapons, while ranged-based characters can stay at the back dealing out salvos of deadly fire arrows or life-saving healing spells. Over 100 different enemies await in the depths of the tower, from orcs, skeletal archers, armoured cyclops, mechanical Titans, and of course, ferocious bosses.

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