Fiesta Online Interview

Questions by Brian Perry Jr.
Answered by GM Funtrix from Fiesta Online

Onrpg: What makes Fiesta Online stand out from other games?
GM Funtrix: The overall look and style of Fiesta can stand up to any of our direct competitors.  A few of the game features we are most proud of include: the Kingdom Quest system (multiple players questing together), the Mini House feature (A player can sell items and heal HP/SP), various mount selections (allows for faster travel through the environment) and of course, multiple customization options.

Onrpg: Why did your company decide to bring this game to English speaking audiences?
GM Funtrix: Outspark is dedicated to providing exciting, fun games across a wide audience of gamers.  When we first played Fiesta we felt it had great game features, impressive visual appeal and strong developer support/cooperation.  These are just a few of the aspects of Fiesta which Outspark can use to provide a great gaming experience and community for all the casual gamers out there.

Onrpg: How would you describe the way that players progress through the game?
GM Funtrix: In relation to actually leveling and playing the game, players are presented with many options to play through this journey.  Field Hunting, Questing, Kingdom Questing, a Guild System, Party Hunting and Production skills are many of the things a Fiesta player can encounter and interact with to enjoy the game.

Onrpg: What differences are there between the four classes of Fiesta Online?
GM Funtrix: Currently, the guild vs guild system allows for players to battle each other.  In the future we plan to open a free PK zone in which a more traditional PvP system will be available. The biggest difference among the four classes of Fiesta is the play style of each class. Fighters are tough damage takers who stand in the front of battle. Clerics are versatile characters that can help others with various supportive magic spells. Archers have fast attack skills and can attack from great distances. Mages are damage dealers that can use their spells in order to attack big groups of enemies.

Onrpg: Fiesta Online has an interesting crafting system.  Can you explain how it works?
GM Funtrix: We call it a Production Skill system. There are three types of Production Skills; Potion Creating, (Enhancement) Stone Creation, (Buff) Scroll Creation.  A player has to choose two of them at the beginning. To use the production skill, one must learn a production skill by buying a skill scroll from Skill Master NPC. Then, one must collect ingredient items from monsters.  Finally, with the obtained Production Skill and Ingredient items, one can create either a Potion, Stone, or a Scroll.

Onrpg: Will there be any form of PvP in the game?
GM Funtrix: Currently, the guild vs guild system allows for players to battle each other.  In the future we plan to open a free PK zone in which a more traditional PvP system will be available.

Onrpg: Can we expect anything like a raid encounter that requires many players all at or near the level cap?
GM Funtrix: Fiesta has two kinds of raid systems and while they are not necessarily associated with a level cap, they could be found more readily available in the higher level cities/hunting grounds. Boss Monster Spawns on regular hunting fields.  In random hunting grounds Bosses are so strong that players must form a group to defeat them. Kingdom Quest system is one of the team oriented features of this game. It normally requires 15 to 20 players to clear one Kingdom Quest, but the largest one could possibly require up to 200 players in the same Kingdom Quest.

Onrpg: What can we expect to see for sale in the item mall?
GM Funtrix: There are six main categories of items, which will be available in the Fiesta shop. Functional Items are ones that can aid players’ gameplay in various ways.
Consumable Items which temporarily increase a player’s stats. Mounts are pets that players can ride on to move faster. Mini Mons are the small pets which sit on a player’s shoulder and give bonus stat upgrades. Mini Houses increase either players’ HP/SP regeneration speed when resting or increase item slots in your Vendor, your personal item store. Avatar clothing and accessories have both vanity and stat bonus features.

Onrpg: If you have had the chance to play this game, what was your favorite class?
GM Funtrix: As a GM, the Cleric is one of the best classes to use.  It lets a GM help a player with its different array of buffs and spells.  The Archer class may not be as popular of a class amongst players, however when used correctly an Archer can be very valuable to a group.  In addition to the strong skills, Nature’s Wrath and Annihiliating Shot,  the Archer has the ability give debuffs and take away buffs.  Spirit Shot is the perfect skill to use against the classes which use mostly SP as it does damage to the HP meter as well as the SP meter.

Onrpg: When will the game leave beta and launch for everyone to be able to play?
GM Funtrix: Our Second Closed Beta is scheduled to open on July 25th.  Upon completion of the Second Closed Beta, we will announce Fiesta’s open beta date.    

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