Final Fantasy Legacy

By Onrpg

Final Fantasy Legacy

FF Legacy is an online version of FF2e (Super Nintendo) And it’s like JUST LIKE FF2. There’s random battles and everything. Check this out..

Gameplay: *** 1/2
The gameplay of the game has it’s ups and downs. Ups are things like the battle system. Downs are things like SUPER WALKING. It aint called that but that’s how I see it, cuz the game is laggy at times. The FF-Like battle system makes up for it, however πŸ™‚

COMMUNITY: **** 1/2
The Community is filled with very nice people. I love the community. Only bad thing is newbies chasing you around asking to party with you. The staff and people are very nice.

*Judging from a 2D Scale.
The graphics are just like FF2e if you’ve played it. The same monsters and everything. The same tiles, characters, towns, etc. Since none of it is not made by them I took away a star.

SOUND: ** 1/2
Not good! Only because there is no background music, but there is sound effects. Hopefully BG Music is coming πŸ™‚ However the sound effects are quite good.

Got the classic “Kill Stuff Level Up” thing going on (which is what I like.) Your stats are automatically added for you depending on your class (just like FF!) So that’s cool. It also don’t take an ETERNITY to level up. *cough*lom*cough*

Love the features. This is what mainly attracted me. First of all, there is a battle system just like FF. So that means random encounters, then you goto the screen and chose Fight Magic Item Run, etc…FF Players you know how it is πŸ™‚ There’s a good magery system (White Magic/Black Magic) and classes made for them. (Be a lunarian if you want to be a mage they pwn like omfgz i roxs your boxs). You get gold and experience after each battle. Partying is awesome. The party leader is the only one that has to move, the people in the party just follow him! Then you all get into a battle together and rox the enemy. EXP/Gold is shared among the party. There’s tons more of things you just have to see it for yourself.

Almost a perfect game for me (well I *am* a FF fanatic) but there’s only 3 towns as of right now. Still an overall awesome game, not just a “time killer”. Find me ingame under the name Octavious and if you decide to play it I’ll help ya level up a bit πŸ™‚

Keep in mind that this game uses the BYOND engine. So you will need to download BYOND first, then goto the FF Legacy site and click on Join Game. There’s also many other great games located at, check it out.

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