Fishing Champ Interview

Question: Ok, I am sure this is on everyone’s mind … why a fishing MMO?
We’ve always been intrigued with fishing, and have been planning to develop a fishing game for awhile now. We weren’t happy with the current single-player only fishing games on the market though, and decided to go with a new approach to the genre. We believe fishing to be a very social activity, and something didn’t feel right being out on the water all by yourself.
With the MMO aspects added to our fishing game, everything is simply more fun to do. Chatting with your friends, seeing what fish others are catching, trading items, participating in tournaments…it is hard to go back to your traditional fishing game after experiencing what Fishing Champ has to offer.

Question: Is there enough things to do in game to keep players entertained?
Once you have caught a fish, we give you a number of options on what you can do with it. If you simply want to empty out your net as quickly as possible and get back to fishing, selling your fish at the shop would probably be your best option.
If you want to spend a little more time, you can also cook the fish that you catch. There is a wide variety of dishes that you can create, from fish bones to valuable stat enhancing meals.
We also have an Aquarium that you can place any fish that you don’t have the heart to sell or fry-up. It is fully upgradeable as well, and there are 5 camera angles so you can always keep an eye on what your fish are doing.
Asides from that, there are tournaments, challenging quests, and hundreds of items that you can customize your character with. We will constantly be adding new content as well, so players will never run out of things to do!

Question: What makes this game fun to play?

It really depends on what kind of gamer you are. The hardcore players will have lots of fun figuring out which baits to use, the best fishing spots, and trying to catch the nasty boss fishes. The more casual player will enjoy the extra’s we’ve added to the game such as the Aquarium.
Personally, I like to play dress-up with the hundreds of unique items the game offers. Some of the items can completely change the look of your character, I like to change it up as often as possible. And no, I am not a girl.

Question: How does the game resemble other MMOs?
To start off, the leveling system is very similar to what you would see in your traditional MMO. Once you’ve earned enough experience to level up, your HP and stats increase so you are able to catch bigger fish. Sounds familiar, huh?
There is also a ton of clothing and equipment available for you to upgrade your character. These items can either be purchased at the in-game store, or can “drop” from fish that you’ve caught. Each item is character specific, so many of the items that you get won’t be usable by your character. This encourages a lot of trading between players, and helps to create an economy like you would find in other MMOs.
And what would an MMO be without quests? We have a lot, and will continue to add even more as the game moves forward!

Question: How do the various stats affect a player’s abilities?
There are 5 main stats that directly affect your character’s abilities. They are:
Equipment Capacity: Affects the size of fish that you are able to catch. You won’t be able to catch the big ones until you get this stat to a decent level.
Strength: Increases damage done to fish.
Luck: Increases critical hit %. It also has a small affect on the time it takes for a fish to bite.
Focus Power: Increases your critical hit damage.
Focus Rate: This is basically the % of your Focus Power that is actually applied on a critical hit. For example, if your Focus Power is 10 and your Focus Rate is 200%, your actual Focus Power is 20.

Question: Is there crafting in Fishing Champ?
There is no crafting in the game, we wanted to concentrate more on the fishing side of things. Anything is a possibility for the future though, it all depends on what the players want.

Question: Will this game be free to play with an item mall, or will there be a monthly fee?
Like all GamesCampus games, Fishing Champ will be free to play with an option to purchases goods from the Item Mall. Purchasing items is completely optional, you can still enjoy all Fishing Champ has to offer without paying a dime.
Question: What is your favorite way to play?
I like to take my time and enjoy the game. Most of my play sessions are spent chatting and managing my Aquarium. I also like to experiment a lot, changing baits and locations to see what I can catch.
When I’m feeling competitive, I put on my game-face and play in tournaments. I usually lose, but they’re a lot of fun!

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