Fly For Fun Nostalgic Review: Flying Fun!

Fly For Fun Nostalgic Review: Flying Fun!
By Kei Beneza (dividelife), OnRPG Journalist


Yet another nostalgic review. Fly For Fun (better known as Flyff) is one of the most famous old school MMOs around. Although the game is old, the servers are still populated. Either it’s just the fanbase working or the game really is that damn good (I’d probably go with the latter one). Flyff is a very memorable game for me. Not only was it my first 3D MMO, it was also the game that exposed me to the world of flight. In game flight was pretty hard to grasp during those days, and having an option to do so makes this game extremely awesome. Looking at the in game elements and mechanics from this era, Flyff doesn’t really have that much to offer; however, it was pretty huge and rather innovative during at the time. As a modern gamer, I’d say an awesome game like this demands that we travel back in time and review it as though the game was still in its prime. It feels kind of awkward playing this game again… Ah the memories…


Starting Up

Compared to other MMOs, Flyff really has less to offer when it comes to character creation. You can only create up to three characters, with little premade options to choose from. Aside from the gender option, players can customize their characters further by picking between an array of premade faces and hairstyles that don’t really have that much variety. The hair color option doesn’t seem to work either, meaning you’ll be stuck with the standard hair color until you decide to wear something over your head. If you think about it, being old does not give the game an excuse for the lack of character customization. Ragnarok Online’s pretty old as well, but it still gave us the ability to change our hair color, right? 


Flyff Starting Up


After creating your Vagrant (newbie class), you’ll be catapulted straight to the newbie grounds where you must satisfy a series of tutorial instructions to familiarize yourself with the ingame controls. Once you’ve grasped the game’s control scheme, you’re ready to grind like hell.

Classes : Yo yo yo Majigga Dawg! Yo’ Mah Assist!

Even though the whole idea of job changing is slowly diminishing from the MMO scene (at least with the presence of the archetype system), I still think that this feature is golden and must be used for other upcoming MMOs. Like I said, players will start as a Vagrant and must work their way to level 15 in order to change jobs. There are around 12 jobs in the game, including the second classes that are attainable on level 60. Anyway, let’s not rush that and head over to the first jobs.


First jobs are as follows:


1.Acrobat- A long distanced fighter who utilizes the use of bows and yoyos. Your average DEX type character with a ranged twist
2.Assist- A pretty weird class… kinda like a mixture of a healer and warrior. Funny name though… kinda like a basketball player. Assists can buff and heal but are formidable attackers as well. Paladin?
3.Magician- Your average spellcaster. Can muster a burst of damage with a flick of his/her magic wand. Low HP… wonder what’ll happen if they gave magic users a higher health ratio XD.

4.Mercenary- The typical warrior. Can withstand heavy attacks as much as he/she can deal them. An expert at close combat.


Side Note: All classes need mana… oh God this is just precious.



Although I don’t remember doing any of these during the old days, Flyff features a nice lineup of quests to keep their players entertained. There are dungeon quests, solo quests, and the mandatory job quests. I’m still not that impressed with the whole “bring me” factor, but having something that gives you extra exp while grinding is rather helpful when rushing levels. Guild quests are also fun to do, as it exercises the main point of why it is called an MMO to begin with.


Flyff Dungeon Quest



If you’re into PVP then I suggest you enter the Open PVP server. There players are free to duel each other to their heart’s content. Come to think about it, the game does have a nice PVP system as they allow players to duke it out in an open arena made for PVPers. Guilds can also participate in group battles, which in my opinion is tons better than dueling one-on-one. Nothing beats an all out war!


Fly For Fun!

Of course it wouldn’t be FUN if we didn’t talk about FLYING right? After purchasing your first broom or whatever, you’ll be soaring the skies like crazy. It literally is “Fly For Fun” as the only point of getting a flying mount is for heck of it. It’s amazing being able to see the world from above. You can attack mobs from the air, but I don’t really see the relevance of this action as it’s actually faster to grind from the ground. Much like other RPGs, players will be able to reach new places after acquiring their ability to fly. Flying is now a basic feature in other MMOs, but damn it was awesome during those times.


Flyff Fly For Fun

Graphics And Interface

Although the graphics are pretty much outdated now, it served as my big leap to the 3D platform back in the day. The visuals were brilliantly laid out and the background was just marvelous to behold. I guess the best way to admire the scenery is from above, but it’s not that big of a problem as the game does involve flying around. The visuals sport the same cartoony feel as Rose Online. A bit weak compared to our modern MMOs but like I said, it was practically God back then. The interface is simple and easy to comprehend. There’s the mock windows start menu that gives you access to all your stats and other in game functions. It’s kind of humorous if you ask me.



Flyff Graphics


The Verdict

Despite its age, Flyff is one tough cookie. Not only is it alive and kicking, the game also updates itself regularly with gratuitous amounts of content, allowing it to stay on par with our modern MMOs. A nostalgic game that refuses to be a memory… Flyff is still worth your time and effort.



-Ability to Fly
-Tons of Jobs
-Lots of Quests



-Let’s face it! It’s old
-Outdated visuals
-Point and click just feels static
-Flying is no longer that special


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