Fung Wan

By Onrpg

Fung Wan is truly, in almost every way, a Dark Age of Camelot clone. Problem is: They do nothing as well as Mythic did with DAoC.

Visuals aren’t that impressive. Everything is modeled in 3-D, but they are painfully generic. Character models fail to excite, environments are less than thrilling, animation poorly done, and the enemies look just plain stupid.

Now I can forgive any game’s ugly graphics if the gameplay is good. Fung Wan’s gameplay is horrible. It takes unGodly amounts of exp just to level up. And the busted skill system makes character development hit-or-miss. Combat itself is yet again a rip from DAoC, and not fun at all.

The sounds are pretty good, but graphics and gameplay like this make it really hard to care about anything within the game.

I hope Phoenix makes some drastic changes before this game goes P2P. Because releasing the game as-is would be the equivelent of making people P2P ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’ at a birthday party.

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