Galactic Civilizations III – Villains of Star Control: Origins DLC Launches

Galactic Civilizations Villains DLC

Galactic Civilizations III has a new DLC dropping today, which brings some of the most awesome villains from Star Control: Origins to life again. The DLC pack, “Villains of Star Control: Origins” will add four new playable factions, complete with leaders, theme music, ship parts and more. Each of these factions will be unique and offers dozens of new parts for building/modifying ships. The factions in this DLC also have unique traits suited to their playstyles and histories.

The Measured, for example, have a trait called “mitosis” that grants them an additional administrator for every adjacent planet when they claim a new one. Using their “ravenous” ability, the Phamysht are able to gain free food from each battle in which they are victorious. The Xraki’s “chaotic” ability grants them 2 free random techs at the start of each tech age (beginning with the age of war). Finally, the Scryve’s ships gain hit points per colony in their zone of control using the “imperial” ability. This DLC is available for 5.99 on Steam today.


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