Gaming: A True Revolution

Gaming: A True Revolution
By Albert Delgado (Devi@nt), OnRPG Journalist

At a Glance

Gaming has over the years been broken down to a description, or more commonly recognized in today’s society as an activity. Most people think of the word gaming, and immediately picture a little kid with a bed head in pajamas, controller gripped in hand, junk food in the surrounding area, and a trance look when being utterly fixed within playing a game.

Video games over the years have provided countless hours of entertainment for kids of all ages. But society has also perceived/associated the idea of video gaming with addiction, laziness, and also the phrase of “having no life”. Ok, gaming does have its pros and cons, but it all goes back to how gaming is overall perceived, and exactly who it is doing the gaming that makes it a pro or a con. Due to different perceptions and associations of gaming; most people are blind to what the gaming society itself has brought to the table.


Gamer Gaming

Workforce Provide by Gaming

Alright let’s start off with the basics of what gaming has brought in its own job description which include; writers, editors, developers, programmers, graphic artists/designers, and administrators. These jobs listed are all included and covered by almost every game that is created today. Now if you look at this rationally one game can provide numerous jobs for people (maybe this is why colleges now have gaming courses, and other computer related courses included into their curriculum; after all they are preparing the students of today for tomorrow’s workforce.) who are able to utilize the skills required for the jobs above.



Gaming over the years evolved from little independent developers. Gaming companies now have transcended into massive corporations. Also other companies began to focus on game development like Sony and Microsoft. Every year there has been more and more technological advancements being made in gaming. Gaming itself has become one of the main focuses in our scientific advancements to date. We all see it now with Nintendo’s Wii, Sony’s PlayStation Move, and Microsoft’s XBOX Kinect. All systems have come up with various ways that turn your body into a controller for the system. These newer developments open more and more doors that incorporate various jobs to come up with the right support when configuring these new ideas.


Gamer Money

Even Facebook has been trying to cash in on the games it offers. Gaming for various companies/organization is seen as a logical cash investment. Hell, even cellphones whose appstores include thousands of games (which is one way they direct their market to parents and kids today) are cashing in on the same scheme. Other stores like Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, and Hastings all have a gaming section that is largely noticeable somewhere within the store. Once again everyone in some way wants a piece of that gaming pie!


Ok…..What else?

Let’s all now look at a larger scale. If it wasn’t for the development of gaming there would be no such thing as review sites. OnRPG itself is based around online gaming and is an open source for gamers who are looking for new games/reviews. Many websites, blogs, and social networks associated with gaming are being created everyday 24/7. Gaming itself has become more of a socialized trend with our generation. It has also created numerous stores like GameStop; which buy, sell, and even trade games from and to customers. Again these factors go back into just how much opportunities and employment that the gaming industry itself has to offer. Be sure not to forget the independent MMO’s that most of you readers come on this site to see. If it was not for gaming the availability and creation of MMO’s themselves would be non-existent, and the online gaming community itself would be irrelevant.   



Gaming itself has developed and created vast amount of opportunities not only for jobs and the economy, but also for personal enjoyment, an amazing MMO market, and other independent gaming sources. Think of gaming as more of a revolution. A revolution that has over the years created numerous jobs, tech advancements, entertainment, and overall the support of making imagination becoming reality. If anyone every questions or degrades the essence of gaming fill free to share this article with them.

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