Grepolis Review: The Scholar’s Wargame

Grepolis Review: The Scholar’s Wargame

By: Kei Beneza (dividelife), Onrpg Journalist


Grepolis is a browser based strategy MMO set in Ancient Greece. Much like Ikariam, each player starts with a small town that eventually evolves into a powerful empire. The game also lets facebook users connect it to their profiles, thus making it easier to access the game without having to relog in a different window.


Grepolis Review


Different Servers Mean Different Rates

Upon entering the game, you will notice that Grepolis will let you pick a server to play on. Note that this form of server selection is not as simple as just picking a server with the most/least players. Each server has its own speed and limitations. The Mu server for example has a limit of 150 players per alliance and makes use of the new ‘Conquer’ system while the Kappa server has a higher game speed and an alliance limit of 100. Regardless of which server you choose, you will always have a lot of players to play and have fun with. For now, it’s all a matter of how fast, PVP-oriented, or hard you want your gaming experience to be.


Learning Curve

If you’re new to browser based strategy games, I would advise you to stay away from Grepolis. The game (like its counterparts) are quite easy to learn, provided that you have played other games of the same genre. The tutorial was actually rather quick, and runs you through some of the mundane tasks you do in your Grepolis career, but it does leave at least 80% of the system to learn on your own. There is a help page, but I would rather see tutorials tackle most of the basics rather than have everyone do some hefty FAQ reading before enjoying the game (it IS a game after all— not research).


Grepolis Review


Pillage The Village!

One of the best ways to earn resources is to loot helpless NPC villages by sending your troops to attack them. It’s a very brutal way of earning gold, but hey, when in Rome, do like the Romans do!



Once you finish your doctorate in Grepolis, you will find the game actually has a lot of features that make it one of the best browser based strategy games out there. Aside from training soldiers and pillaging your neighbors, the game also lets players research various technologies and different systems that can greatly boost the powers of an empire. Religion is also another factor worth noting as players can gain access to different divine powers depending on which god they choose to worship.


Grepolis Review



All-in-all, Grepolis is a game worth playing, especially if you are into browser based strategy games. It is a bit deep, and has tons of features that will keep you researching until you get your desired results. Still, I can say that I’ve enjoyed my stay in Grepolis. The game was just so rich with PVP, I just couldn’t help but pillage neighboring towns when I ended my 5 day grace period. So what are you waiting for? UNLEASH THOSE DIVINE POWERS!



-Good PVP
-Easy to learn (provided that you read stuff)
-Plain enjoyable



-Bad tutorials
-Some icons on the interface were not explained and lack description
-Graphics are a bit dated



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