Guardians of Ember Leaves Steam Early Access

Guardians of Ember - Early Access Leaving - Main Image

Heroes from around the world, grab your sword! Guardians of Ember leaves Early Access and offers not only an action-packed playground for fans of MMORPGs who waited it out so far but also new challenges for the existing community such as nightmare mode for dungeons that adds a new layer of replayability with unique rewards. Other new features include a group finder and re-worked XP sharing for groups.
Old heroes and upcoming squires profit from the new guild skill system by upgrading their guild and unlocking fourteen special bonuses to give guild members that extra boost for that impending boss fight or monster brawl. The boosts range from additional critical damage through reduced item repair costs to extra regeneration. Players who haven’t joined a guild by now should take the opportunity to make new friends or become guildmaster themselves so as not to miss out on these special bonuses.
Since the start of Early Access in December 2016 the development team adjusted many features based on the community’s feedback. Besides new content in the form of three new acts and a sixth character class, the game introduced the Horde Mode in which players try to survive against ten massive waves of enemies and receive special honor points that can be exchanged for rare materials for crafting unique high-end gear.
Our time in Early Access has been longer than expected but we listened closely to community feedback especially on sensitive topics like the in-game shop which now only offers vanity items”, comments Patrick Streppel, CEO of Insel Games. “While no game is ever done – and we are already working on great new features for the upcoming months – we believe now is the right time to take a trip to Olyndale!

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