Guild Wars

If it were perfect, I would have given it a perfect score. There are very few problems with the game but they exist none the less. I will not base this review off of technical junk for which I could care less about, it will be based from my experience.

Unfortunately I have only played free online games so I am sure many fanboys will tell me that I have not played any real video games. I assure you that that could not be further from the truth. My scores will be based on the game when set next to other games, not on the fact that it is an MMO game.

But this site is about MMORPGs you say. Who cares?

To start off, the graphics are superb and there is nothing anyone can say otherwise. The sunflowers are beutiful, the sky is vibrant and the city is amazing. Then everything is destroyed, everythings dull and I’d rather be in the old world. Oh well, the graphics are still amazing. But I don’t care about graphics because they don’t affect gameplay.

To start out I was quite sad with the battle system, I’m sure I would have been happier not to start off with a shooting wand. Perhaps a sword would have made the beginning more interesting but I’ll never know. Still, I eventually got some skills and was happy again. Turns out it’s impossible to do well with just hack and slash so you absolutely need your skills or you loose. Even as a fighter skills are necessary to win. Sure the animations are boreing but I don’t care about graphics so I couln’t have been happier with the battling.

You can start off with one other party members. You really don’t need a party to start the game and if you do you get my finger of shame, since that means you arn’t useing your skills properly. You get to boost your party to four in the new world and need it, I never found three other PC members but could fill the empty slots with henchman so it’s fine.

Most players are nice, but there are still the enevitable stupid people spamming. You can ignore them but you can still hear them on the trade channel. It’s not as if I use the trade channel, but one day I might. It would be nice if it ignored them on every channel, or if the had a heart attack in real life. But that’s not realistic. At least I don’t have to put up with people like that outside of town as it creates your own server which only you party is in. It’s just human nature to have some stupid in the gene pool, I can’t judge the game on them but on what is available to make the game a miserable experience for them so they leave or are ignored by all.

I played some Player vs Player and have yet to experience Guild vs Guild, but from what I’ve seen it’s fun. The game is based off of Guild vs Guild and me not playing it does hurt my credibility. But you can expect, and I know, that it was made very well. All combinations have a strtegy that can obliterate another combination. Even the all mighty strategy of focusing all power for a one hit kill on the leader for automatic victory can be cast aside by a quick counterspell. So many possibilities make it a very fun feature with which I find few flaws.

Getting stuck is a problem with the game. Sometimes you get pinned againts obstacles which is really annoying, esspecially in battle. Once you get use to it it’s easy to avoid though. There is also a problem of teleporting for no reson far in the direction you are going and then coming back to where you started a couple seconds later. This problem is rare and not detremental, but it can cause you to become disoriented if you are in combat. Personally I have trouble somtimes choosing an enemy to hit when the camera angle will only let me choose myself.

All these problems don’t happen so often as to affect the game much. But I would have given the game at least a nine if they were to be fixed.

Travel is great, just point and click to a city on the map. This doesn’t mean you won’t be traveling far as you have to find the city first before it becomes a place you can teleport to. This game has a huge map and this helps so very much to warp, whether it be to join in battle with a friend or just to buy some equiptment.

The maximum level is twenty, and at first such a low level confused me. That is until I realise the game wasn’t about leveling up but about killing other players and guilds, or a least making youself feel better for having a superior strategy. The game really isn’t about the individual but about the group, it’s about making your guild and teamwork the best there is.

That is pretty much it. I know I’ve only played the game for six days and may grow tired of this game. But for now this is how I feel about this games triumphs and downfalls.

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