Gunz Online

Graphics: 7/10 : The graphics on Gunz online is pretty moderate but it still loks clean very good for people with not so great video cards u can really see how crisp it is the models look really real life and the maps are well done the texture is great even on low and the qualty is great.

Sound 6/10 : the sound is pretty moderate since all they got is really this 3 tracks as background music and the gun nouises are not too great and the sword clashes are pretty good really makes sword fights alot more funner and jumping your characters makes nouises when beat to to the ground but sound kinda scratching still pretty good.

Gameplay: 9/10 game play is awesome and that really applys for the sword fights the sword fights arent this button mashers they really take skill like u can jump out of the way or when someone charges you can jump up and get them from top and they addy special abilltys and sweet moves u can do for guns is like matrix u can be on walls walking on walss and flying though the air while dodging bullets really sweet for both of them and the moves u can do it cool like scale walss and jump over them and such really sweet anf easy to do it doesnt take to much skill but this aiming correctly.

Interface 5/10 Its not too great its hard to get on the game all together i mean really hard lots of bugs and errors they have to work out so its hard to get on and alot of bugs but if u can get though that u can really have fun with the game and really easy to get into this aiming is your real challenge on this anyway i hope u have fun and enjoy the game. =)

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