GunZ Online

I decided to write a review for a game that I am currently addicted to.

Let’s start with graphics. The graphics are sub-par. But this is a free game. You can’t expect much. Some of the guns look very nice, along with some of the melee weapons. BUT, alot, and when I say that I mean it, of models are re-used. For example, All the knives, starting from Iron dagger to High-end dagger ARE THE SAME MODEL.(That’s 4 of them) Same with the Renard series of SMGs. THEY ARE ALL THE SAME. Every last renard is exactly the same. the walcom series has 2 models. WOW TWO. The clothing is all unique however, and some items, like the Vinz long coat, and winter jacket, look great.The levels are very unique, but some, such as the battle arena, are very bland. Others, like island ,are very nice looking. The levels and models all need fine tuning. Overall, the graphics are good, just too much of the same. 4/10

Onto sound. None of the tracks were really memorable. With only a few soundtracks, the game is seriously lacking. Although I did like the opening theme, that was all. It would have been great to see tracks for each level, but it was not to be. 3/10

Gameplay. Now is where the fun comes in. Leveling up is fairly easy. Keep playing and you will level up fairly quickly. There is a slight problem though. Level limits are on some weapons and clothing, this is a good thing, it keeps the game balanced. However, I’ve noticed once you get to level 5, you can max out your armor stats. No more clothing till 10. It’s dull being stuck as the same look for 5 levels. The guns are also a problem. At lower levels, there are practically no weapons of good power. The SMGs that one class starts with is all you will see for a long time. Everyone starts with them now. I haven’t seen an Axium Assassin or someone using revolvers AT ALL lately. Everyone has the beginner SMGs. But I digress. The gameplay modes are standard. Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Assassination. But, there are a few unique ones. Gladiator is a melee only map, and can make for some serious EXP. Team gladiator is the same, but with teams of course. Training is Deathmatch with no EXP or Bounty(currency) bonuses. Sometimes players will time out, and will be invincible, but cannot hurt anyone else. You will see them standing still, but they will see themselves moving around as par normal Overall it’s good fun, but has a glitch tha can ruin the game. 9/10.

Average: 5/10
My personal rating: 8/10

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