Help Will Come Tomorrow Revealed for 2020 Release



Help Will Come Tomorrow was revealed today, by Klabater in partnership with Arclight Creations, as a story-driven survival title. It will also combine resource management, in this foreboding title set during the October Revolution in the Siberian wilderness. During this time, a group of passengers has survived the mysterious catastrophe of a Trans-Siberian railway train. They must
endure in a harsh ice-clad climate until a rescue party arrives.

They will face danger, their own weaknesses, and prejudice, as passengers from different social classes will have to work together and make difficult decisions, that often go against their belief. The need for survival will put them to the ultimate test. Players will need to meet their survivor’s needs, gather resources, and expand the camp. Security and exploration will also be key. The personalities of the characters and their morale will also be important. Cooperation is key, but people may be selfish or self-serving.

Michal Gembicki, CEO at Klabater discusses this upcoming title:

“In Klabater we are focusing more and more on developing and publishing story-driven games regardless of the genre. Be it a survival game or management sim, we want it to contain a compelling and touching story. We strongly believe story is what matters the most. Help Will Come Tomorrow is a beautiful addition to that philosophy. We think of this game as a “spiritual successor” to We. The Revolution, our latest successful game. Another unique feature we try to feature in our games is a real historical background. It reflects our personal historical interests in Klabater – we love history and we want use it as a tool to tell immersive stories about the human condition. That was the case of We. The Revolution as well as with Help Will Come Tomorrow. This time we move to the Siberian wilderness in Russia, just before the Great October Revolution started.”

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