By Onrpg

First, I cant really review this much, as its in closed beta. But from what I’ve read I will review this. This is a MMORPG, and has a price per month. You should get the first month free. First let me say, my favorite part of this that looks good is building a town. Then once that happens you can build walls and guard towers to keep the undead away.

Most of what you will be fighting are undead and elements. (more will be introduced)
There using the Intrinsic Alchemy engine for the graphics. The graphics look good so far. There is no PVP at all, its all PVM. (just a warning) People who build towns on the frontier will most likely have part of there town taken over by the undead.

Now, there are the races you get to choose at the startup screen. And races you can free then play as them. The most looked forward race to play is, the dragon. Of course, that as its down sides to. It will be harder to play in the beggining, as they count use weapons or armor, and they wont be able tof it in them places the other races can. Later on they will be able to morph into a smaller size, also dragons will grow and later on you will become an ancient dragon who can craft powerful items for your character to make him grow bigger.

Other races are Humans, Fiends, Dwarves, also being developed are. Elves, Dark-Elves, Goblins, Orc, Saris, Sslik, Dryads, Half-Giants and Gnomes

This is all for my review for now, I will post more for Horizons later. Over all this game looks great also sounds great, and the people in the closed beta like it. I give this a 9/10.

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