I Am Not A Monster Opens Up ‘First Contact’ Single-Player Beta

I am not a monster news

I am not a Monster is a title by Cheerdealers by Alawar Premium, and it officially opened up their Beta First Contact today. This is a single-player campaign scheduled to leave beta in the second half of 2019. This campaign will have 8 playable characters, and you play all 8 during the game on a variety of levels. There are 40 levels and about 10 hours of gameplay. The beta is live as of June 24th, and all owners of the original I am not a Monster (multiplayer) can access it on Steam, via this link. Those who are interested can also get a link here to get a link to the beta download.

What to expect in the current closed beta: 

    • 6 levels
    • 7 characters
    • Turn-based battles
    • Introduction to the plot
    • Survey after the beta
    • Weekly giveaway of keys for any Alawar Premium game previously released: A key will be distributed to everyone who completes a survey (people can choose what game they want to win in the survey)

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