Interview with Perfect World

Question: What is the history behind Perfect World?

Perfect World was initially released overseas as a subscription game. As a subscription game it was acclaimed it for its graphics, gameplay, and music and as a result was the recipient of multiple awards. In December 2006 it was successfully converted to Free to Play, and even after its transition continued to be the recipient of awards by maintaining its commitment to quality.

Question: Can you describe each race for us?

Perfect World International has three varied and distinct races. First there’s the Untamed, which is essentially a race of humanoid type beasts. A majority of Untamed abilities focus on physical strength as well as ranged poison attacks. Second is the Humans, which focus on raw magical damage as well as specializing in different types of bladed weapons. Lastly is the Winged Elves, which focus on not only ranged damage but also support class related abilities.

Question: What is the focus of each of the classes, and how do they relate to the lore?

Each and every class in Perfect World International not only has their own unique skills and abilities, but each class has multiple avenues they can take in terms of character development.
First off is the Barbarian of the Untamed. Barbarians are the brute force class of Perfect World International. They specialize in not only dishing out physical damage, but also absorbing physical damage. If you have an affinity for tanking classes in MMORPGs, then the Barbarian is definitely your cup of tea.
The second class for the Untamed is the Venomancer. In your natural form, you’re a ranged damage dealer. Venomancers also have a secondary form called Werefox Form, which effectively transforms you into a melee class with new abilities. In addition to all of the above, Venomancers have the ability to tame monsters they find in the world, effectively becoming their pets.
Now for Humans, we have the Blademaster and Wizard. Blademasters are descendants of a long line of seasoned warriors. They of course specialize in melee combat with the ability to unleash devastating attacks through the use of Chi. (Chi being stored energy that all classes build up through the natural flow of combat.)
The second class for Humans is the Wizard. Wizards cast long-range high-damage spells and specialize in arcane magic. They possess spells of multiple elements, allowing for further specialization within each individual element.
Last but not least is the Winged Elves. The first Winged Elf class is the Archer. Specializing in ranged damage, the archer has many different types of abilities suited for different situations. Combine the ability to shoot poisonous or elementaly-charged arrows with the Winged Elf’s innate ability to fly, and the end result is an extremely powerful ranged class.
Finally we have the Cleric. Clerics are the primary healing class of Perfect World International. Aside from their unparalleled healing, Clerics specialize in Metal based magic attacks. Despite whether you choose to be a damage dealing Cleric, or a support-style Cleric, this class also possesses buffs and de-buffs which are an invaluable asset in both solo and group play.

Question: What is the current state of the world in the time period in which Perfect World takes place?

Perfect World was once a chaotic and evil place. The god Pan Gu initially created a race of sentient beings, which ended up turning on one another and throwing the world into chaos. Pan Gu saw that what he had created had become an Imperfect World, and moved quickly to rectify his mistake. He created a giant flood, cleansing the world of this race of evil beings. He then created the three playable races; Untamed, Humans, and Winged Elves all in his own image. Unfortunately the sentient beings he first created have resurfaced, and it’s up to the players of Perfect World to combat this evil.
This is of course just a brief synopsis of the story of Perfect World. The full story can be found on our website at

Question: Can players of the US server expect the game to be different when compared to the versions on other regions?

Perfect World International and more specifically our company, Perfect World Entertainment, prides itself on two key points.
The first being localization. It’s all too often that games brought over from Asia are localized poorly. This will definitely not be the case with Perfect World International. We have done an exorbitant amount of work both in China and the United States to make sure that our version is localized 100%.
The second point would be the quality of our service, both in terms of Customer Service and our physical game service. Our users are the true backbone of our business, and it would be foolhardy to provide them with anything less than top-notch Customer Service. We have also spent a considerable amount of time and capital to ensure that our technical infrastructure is prepared for the surge of players we expect to receive. A lot of us at Perfect World Entertainment are gamers ourselves, we understand what bad lag does to a game, and we are striving to avoid that problem altogether.

Question: What is your favorite race/class combination and why?

My favorite class is probably the Venomancer from the Untamed. I was initially attracted to this class simply because it has not only the option of customizing their facial characteristics, but their animal ears/tail. Pet classes have always been my favorite archetype in MMORPGs, in that respect the Venomancer fit me perfectly.
We here at Perfect World Entertainment look forward to the launch of our Closed Beta on August 19th. Come visit us at for our upcoming Developer Diaries, as well as additional content that we’ll be releasing leading up to our beta.

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