Kingory Review: No Random Half Finished Browser Game

Kingory Review: No Random Half Finished Browser Game
By Kei Beneza (dividelife), OnRPG Journalist


Kingory is the international version of the famous flash based MMO RXSG. The game is well known and is played by people all over the world, or so the it claims. The game revolves around ancient China, with structures that resemble ancestral Chinese buildings and characters that look like war emperors and empresses. In this game, players strive hard to build their war-worthy empire and try to best other players in battle. The game sports a strategic concept of game play (will be discussed later ), with a massive micro-managing system that is said to surpass a majority of browser games.


It was said that Kingory sort of acts as the completed version of various games in terms of the traditional war based browser game system. Do other web games really lack so much compared to this game? Or is it just another claim that’s yet to be proven?


Kingory Select Lord
Select your lord


Please Select Your Lord!

Upon logging into the game, players are prompted to both choose and name their respective lords and select their desired prefecture. For those people who are too tired or confused to pick their own prefecture, you can always choose the random button to let the game decide your place on the map. The game is also gracious enough to give you extra resources upon starting the game (awwww… how nice). The tutorials are great and are essential for newbies. The tutorials sport a step-by-step definition of how the game is played, something most browser games fail to feature. As far I know, most browser games give you nothing but a page full of words, which takes 20 minutes of your time before you even start playing. The game even dims the other filler words and highlights the important part of each definition, which really helps the player cope with the game.



Once you’re done with the tutorials, the quests take over as your teacher, educating you on how to expand your territory while rewarding you in the process. Perhaps the best part about Kingory’s quests is that they come in packages. You no longer have to wait for one quest to finish since you can always do the other ones while waiting for this one to complete. Quests always lead you in the right direction, so keep doing them to avoid running out of resources.


Kingory Quest List
Kingory Quests


Real Time

Some buildings and upgrades may take hours to complete. Although the game gives a hefty waiting time, it does let you do a lot of things before giving you the mandatory break (while waiting for the buildings to finish). You can also speed up the building time by using items, just in case you’re not willing to take a break just yet.


Heroes: Those Greedy Bastards

If you really want keep winning wars then you should know that heroes play a big part in achieving that goal. Your troops will always have to face the sharp edge of the sword if you don’t have an epic dude backing them up. Heroes can be recruited in the tavern, and each is built with their own individual stats. Having a hero is essential for your success, but caring for them may be a pain. There’s always a price for greatness, so make sure you arm your heroes well. Heroes can wear equipment, with some matching their builds perfectly. Unlike other MMOs, Heroes charge you per hour of service. It’s not a big problem if you’re making a lot of money, but I sure wish they’d just fight for honor or something. Although the whole concept of salaries is harsh, it does add to the realism of the game, as no warlord would fight without a fee (unless you hold their families for ransom… damn why isn’t there an option for this?).


Kingory Greedy
Those greedy bastards


War Here We Come!

Simply clicking on your enemies and hoping on a random victory doesn’t do you much good in this game. The game really makes you eat dust if your army is not prepared. If you think that your army of newbies can even the odds, then you’re in for a big surprise… Always make sure to upgrade your units religiously to boost their performance in battle. Having a pimped up hero may increase your chances, but they’re also sitting ducks if you take your army for granted.


Graphics and Interface

Definitely one of the best I’ve seen, though it has an advantage over other browser games due to its flash base. The interface is easy to understand and provides enough interactivity to let players enjoy clicking from one place to another. The font used is easy on the eyes and allows players to effectively separate the important details from the filler words. The town looks great as well, and the background is just marvelous. The bar on the top left corner also indicates your building time, allowing you to see it no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Overall I don’t think I can find anything wrong with the game’s graphics. It managed to present an awesome set of elements that blended well with its surroundings.


Graphic Interface Kingory
Graphics and interface


Ze Item Mall

Yeah, what’s a free MMO without the traditional Item mall? One thing about the game’s item mall is that it’s HUGE (with more emphasis). There are tons of items to choose from, whether it’s for boosting your army’s performance or speeding up your building process. For those peeps who are willing to spend money on this game, you won’t be disappointed.


The Verdict

This game is one tough beast. They weren’t kidding when they said that this is one of the most expansive MMO Browser games of all time. There is tons of stuff to work on and definitely a lot of things to consider when it comes to overall game play. Whether it’s the hero system or simply just the building of structures, you’ll find that this game has a lot of things to offer. Definitely super. I’d give it a 9.5…


– Excellent Graphics
– Hero System
– Lots of things to do
– Accessibility
– Eye Candy.


– Hero salaries can be a pain.
– An hour of waiting can be pretty tedious.

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