Kings of Chaos

This game is a massive online RPG game with over 500,000 players on it. The thing I am so surprised about this game is that it was created by 4 high schoolers…who got the game spreading like wildfire in their school.

So what is the point of this game? The point is to try and make an army that can overpower any other army. The catch is, there are so many players playing that it’s really hard to be first or even be in the top 1000.

In this RPG, they have a period of time known as Ages. When an Age ends, everyone’s army starts at 1 person (yourself), so you can begin the process over and over again! That’s what makes it nice. Ages last about 6 months each.

How do you actually gain soldiers and gold? When you start your account, you have your own link. If other people click on it, they can join your army and become an officer, so you can gain more power from their power. You yourself can also click on your own link, but only once in 24 hours. When you begin playing, there are options like ‘Armory’ and ‘Training’ on the side, where you can train troops and get weapons for a price.

The way you get gold is by attacking other armies (there is a place where you can view all your rankings and your name), and defeating thiem. You can only attack a player once in 24 hours.

There are several other features too, like the fact that you can have spies and sentries in your army.

You have an attack army and a defensive army. Untrained troops apply to both armies.

When I started this game, I didn’t think I would like it, but now I am hooked! I am ranked about 85,000 out of…150,000 or something so that’s pretty good. The top player, LordStriker, has 3.6 million soldiers in his army!

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