Kings Road – Get Ready for an Adventure!

Kings Road – Get Ready for an Adventure!

By Jordan Hall (ApocaRUFF), OnRPG Journalist



Kings Road is an action RPG brought to us by Rumble Entertainment. Set in a realm plunged into darkness and mayhem. Of course, you are the only one that can bring peace and prosperity to this world! Quest in a world filled with many unique characters and monsters. Cooperate with your friends to achieve great things in this amazing adventure!





Epic story. The land is in turmoil and only you can set it right.

Equip yourself. Collect armor and weapons by completing quest and killing monster. Don’t forget to smash every barrel and crate you find!

Co-op. You can party with up to two friends and go out adventuring together.

Quirky Characters. No two characters are the same, each has its own personality.

Casual Gameplay. Play whenever you want.



Kings Road is not a big game. This means there are not many features. By far not a bad thing, as it helps keep the casual experience just that. I did not find myself wishing the game had anything more than what I was presented with. You get a lot of fun with what is available.




There is not much of it in this game. You do not design a character or anything. You pick a name and then you are thrown in. At the time I first checked the game out I was stuck with one class, the knight, but since then they have also added a Wizard and Archer to offer a bit more diversity. The Knight class offered two skill trees to go down for some customization options. You can pick and choose what gear you wear for different looks, but honestly you will probably just wear whatever armor gives you the best stats. This is ok, in my opinion, due to the game’s laid back nature. Despite having few customization features, I realized this was not KingsRoad’s focus and still had a great time.




They are good for a browser game. Surprisingly, they are on par with many client based games. The animations worked perfectly, especially in combat. It was satisfying swinging my sword and seeing gore go flying from the enemy. The user interface was perfect. It shows you everything you need while taking little room with its sleek design.




Combat and movement are done with the mouse. You can click on the ground where you want to go, or just hold down the left mouse button to move whichever direction your mouse pointer is located. Everything can be done with the mouse, while using keyboard keys is still an option. The Q, W, E, R keys are reserved to be used for consumable items such as potions and food. Almost everything worked great. There was one problem I did encounter. When you right click, a menu for flash settings pop-up, which not only blocks a portion of the screen, but also messes up your controls. I have yet to find a reliable method to get this pop-up to close reliably and it is just a matter of luck of when it will.




The community is what you make it. You are not forced to play with, communicate with, or even see anyone you do not want to. Because the game is on facebook, you can quickly and easily play with your friends. You can also choose to play with random players if you like. Overall this made for a good experience.





This is a pick-up-and-go game. You can get in and play whenever you like. The combat is fast and easy to learn – you simply have to left click on an enemy. The gameplay is very similar to other action RPGs, such as Titan Quest. The game basically requires that you constantly chug potions to survive the hordes of enemies they throw at you.



There are town hubs where you accept quests, sell and buy items, identify your loot to see their stats, and other things. It is from these hubs that you will leave to go on adventures. These adventures consist of a level, that is usually short, where you need to hack n’ slash your way through countless enemies. In these levels, you can loot gear and money from your fallen foes. Once you have completed a level, you are scored and shown your statistics. You then receive a reward, which usually consist of gold and maybe a gem – which are used to revive, among other things – and then you get teleported back to the hub town.




Final Verdict

Kings Road is a great time-passer that you can play with your friends. With its epic music and constant action, you will have a lot of fun. Thanks to the short levels, you will be able to play whenever you have a spare five minutes or are a bit bored during a lunch break. I think it is wonderful for what it is and I truly enjoyed my time playing. Remember! Keep tradition alive. Kill all barrels and crates on sight!




Graphics: 3/5

Controls: 4/5

Customization: 2/5

Community: 5/5

Features: 3/5


Overall: 4/5

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