Koei Tecmo America Showcases Attack on Titan 2’s New Features

Attack on Titan 2 - New features news

We have some new details concerning Attack on Titan 2, and the features and enhancements that are coming with the next installment of the Titan-slaying series. Due out in March of 2018 on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC, it comes with a whole host of new features. Buddy Actions are actions team members can offer to one another. From Rescue, Recovery and Titan Transformation, these are all useful. But the final one is the most interesting, bringing to your team the power of Titans. Jump-and-evade style attacks are improved with hook drives, helping Scouts increase their strategic moves in combat, and hold back their attacks until just the right moment. Sneak attacks are going to be viable, where the Scout must remain undetected by the Titans. Flash Grenades are coming as well, to incapacitate Titans in danger zones. Other useful items are also on the way, like restraining guns. Outside of the battle, Scouts will be able to replenish their gas, blades, and other supplies at Bases. Some bases also serve as safe havens as they are equipped with automated artillery towers that attack Titans.

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