Laser League Begins Early Access

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Laser League is a high-octane multiplayer action sport for PC from indie publisher 505 Games, and development studio ROll7. It’s now available for Early Access on Steam, and from today on, players can join the 2v2/3v3/4v4 matches for incredible, non-stop action. Players interested in helping shape the fast-paced fun can purchase Laser League in Early Access for $14.99, but to celebrate the launch, 505 Games and Roll7 are offering a limited-time 30% discount on the title. Laser League arrives into Early Access polished and balanced, but Roll7 and 505 Games will be closely monitoring player feedback to evolve the experience on the journey to the game’s full launch later this year.

“We have been working on this title in one way, shape or form since 2014 – so we are ecstatic about finally getting it into player’s hands,” said Simon Bennett, studio director, Roll7. “Early Access marks the next phase of the development process, offering our teams an opportunity to gather and implement player feedback in order to further refine the overall game ahead of a full commercial launch in the near future.”

The Laser League Early Access program offers players robust content including:

  • Six powerful classes with two ability modifiers per class:

o   BLADE, which has a sword to slash and eliminate opponents

o   SMASH, which has a shield to knock opponents into lasers

o   THIEF, a tactical role that can steal active rival nodes to change the laser color

o   GHOST becomes invulnerable for a short time and to pass through enemy lasers

o   SHOCK, which delivers area damage that stuns rivals

o   SNIPE generates a line that enables teleportation to kill opponents

  • Three international stadiums with 12 Laser maps:
    • EMPIRE CAMPUS (London, UK): Maps including Gauntlet (restrictive map that escalates in complexity), Nine Club (hypnotic map with slow escalation and space for combat) and Spin Cycle (a defensive map with perpetual long lasers)
    • GENG HAO MEGAPLEX (Tianjin, China): Maps including Crusher (short moving lasers to create pressure and trap opponents), Battleground (end-to-end map with multiple long-beamed nodes) and Ricochet (hectic map with eight moving nodes)
    • SILVERTIP ARENA (Detroit, USA): Maps including Y Control (orbiting long central lasers and short rotating ones), Prime (interlocking lasers forcing team to expand control by owning the center) and Rotator (restrained map featuring close combat with dead zones)
  • 16 available power ups to drastically change gameplay momentum (Including, SWITCH, DRAIN, REVIVE, REVERSE or SPEED UP)
  • More than 60 characters and 250 character customizations


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