Legend of The Green Dragon Pyson Server

There are alot of servers to choose from
this server Pyson as 50 turns per in-game day.
Graphics: It’s a text based game, what do you expect? Do like the background so. Can’t really rate this.

Gameplay : Pretty fun, funny to sometimes. Alot of turns to play. Once, I got a monster npc called”Bald programmer”. Sometimes when you kill a monster it says something funny for killing it. 8/10

Sound What sound? Oh, I like my mouse clicking 🙂

Community : Haven’t speant much time in this area, did ask a question and got laughed at. So, 3/10

Overall : Pretty fun, kinda like the other Legend of the green dragon servers. More “mounts” to choose from, which give you more power or other things, they cost gems and sometimes money to buy. Alot of turns you can use, which is nice. Overall I rate it a 7/10

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