Legend of the Green dragon-RevolutionX server

Although, all these LotGD servers are kinda the same, they all are different also (most of them)

Gameplay: Pretty fun, nice selection of races to choose from, 8 races 🙂 including the drow. Like most of the others, it as its funny parts too, heres an example: “Farmboy Vendayn has been slain in the forest by Coblynau
You know, Farmboy Vendayn really had it coming to him after all those things I said about his mom,” commented Coblynau.” Ok, might not be the funniest, I kinda thought it was. 7/10

Layout : The layout is pretty much like the main server LoTGD. Different buildings then the others, like a stat upgrade building for gems. 7/10

Overall : Funner then the other server I reviewed, more turns and quicker day times and good races, not many people play at the moment from what I can see, never see anyone on, although people do chat, but I like it 🙂

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