Lime Odyssey Dev Blog 1: Farming

Lime Odyssey Dev Blog 1: Farming

By PM Anex, Aeria Games Lime Odyssey Specialist



Hey all you Lime Odyssey fans,


We at Aeria had the idea to start consistently posting blogs about features in Lime Odyssey to get everyone familiar with the game. Today, we have all you ever wanted to know about FARMING! ZOMG. Farming in Lime Odyssey enables players to harvest Crops or Livestock to receive Loot. These can be obtained from a farmer who is normally located by the farms next to any main town. There are various types of Crops and Livestock in Lime Odyssey, each of which yields a unique item. For example, a Cow Token yields fresh milk and a Vegetable Token yields long squash.



Currently, there are 9 different types of crops or livestock to farm:

Sheep Token – normally yields Wool

Pig Token – normally yields Striped Leather

Cow Token – normally yields Fresh Milk

Mole Token – normally yields Curved Horn

Fruit Tree Token – normally yields Round Fruit

Vegetable Token – normally yields Long Squash

Flower Token – normally yields Sweet-Smelling Flower

Panda Token – normally yields Sweet Bamboo Shoot

Cactus Token – normally yields Smooth Thorn



These crops or livestock can be obtained from a “Farmer”, normally located by the farms next to any main town.




How do I farm?

Once you summon a crop or livestock you need to follow these steps in order to properly “Harvest” and receive loot. You must summon the crop or livestock in the appropriate farming area.


1) The crop or livestock has a “Satisfaction” rating that starts at “Greatly Dissatisfied”. In order to “Harvest”, the crop or livestock must be “Greatly Satisfied”.


2) The “Status” of a crop or livestock starts at “Normal” but quickly turns into one of two options:

(a) “Hungry” –You must “Feed” in order to bring “Status” back to “Normal”

(b) “Pain” – You must “Heal” in order to bring “Status” back to “Normal”

Every time you perform “Feed” or “Heal” the “Satisfaction” level increases.


3) Once the crop or livestock is at “Greatly Satisfied”, you now have the option to “Harvest”

(a) See above for normal “Harvest” yield

(b) Sometimes, you may “Jackpot” to receive something greater than what is listed above

(i) This can include rare recipes, gear, etc.

(ii) This includes greater quantities of normal yield


4) After you have successfully “Harvest” the crop or livestock, it will disappear.


$$$ BLING BLING $$$ Sometimes, when summoning a crop or livestock, it might appear a different color than the normal crop or livestock – this means you have hit a“Jackpot” which usually leads to greater loot.



I harvested, but only got 1 fresh milk

The longer duration your crop or livestock is left alive and not harvested, the bigger it grows and better or more loot it will reward.


1) Both crop or livestock have a total of 4 “Growth Stages”


2) “Growth Stage” begins at 0 and at maximum reaches 3


3) At each “Growth Stage” the crop or livestock evolves and grows bigger, generally having a different look

i.e. Cactus starts as a ball, works its way into a bigger ball, then two branches, then eventually a full grown cactus with branches and fruit.


4) Growth stage 1 provides more and better loot than growth stage 0, and so on (Growth stage 3 being the most evolved).


In addition to “Feed”, “Heal” and “Harvest”, you also have the option to “Change Name” of the crop or livestock or have it “Play” – which generally performs a little dance.



LO for life,

PM Anex

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