Lunia Online: Character Rundown PART 1

By Rickee Charbonneau (Jammart), OnRPG Journalist

Lunia Online is an action packed adventure MMORPG that is bound to keep you entertained for months. The storyline is great, the missions even greater, but the community has changed a great deal since its official launch years ago. Nowadays, the in-game experience is mostly aimed at end game players, and thus you will rarely find other players taking on the many stages of the game. Most players reserve themselves for myth dungeons (larger scaled instances), and undoubtedly…PvP (which seems to be the main focus of this game currently). However, I ventured on in-game as an average new player and had a ball. My only concern was that there were not many players helping me out in stages, but rather in boss fights-which I most definitely took advantage of.

During my quest to complete the Lunia story-line stages on history mode (in other words, normal mode), I set out to try all of the characters the game has to offer, as my goal was to give a quick rundown of each of them to give players a little input on how they are used and what the fuss is all about!

This particular issue will present some of the newest character additions to Lunia Online: Yuki the Snow Girl, Krieg the templar, and Arien the archer. They all have very particular strengths and faults, spells and abilities, and, well… fashion attire. The following characters are obtainable through pretty tedious quests, involving rarely dropping items, though they are also purchasable via the item mall, at 89 gcoins a piece (roughly 9 American dollars).

Yuki, the Snow Girl [Ice Wizard]

Lunia IcegirlYuki is a character based on the Snow Girl NPCS you meet in episode 2 of Lunia’s storyline. She is characterized as a very quiet and reserved character, which may be the reason why she has no voice when speaking out voice emotes, as the other characters do. She wears a fashionable kimono-styled dress and ties her lengthy blue hair up so it runs smoothly down her back. Furthermore, she wields three little ice spirits that she uses to execute simple melee attacks and short combos-yep…she uses them to hit things.

Simply put, Yuki is a damage powerhouse. She plays much like Dainn, one of the default three characters you do not need to unlock, though Yuki has some very special traits of her own. With the limit of only ice magic at her disposal, Yuki often has a hard time defeating monsters that are resistant to the ice/water attribute. Otherwise, she kills with no mercy, as she has a ton of very powerful spells in her arsenal with very little cool-down time. As a bonus, she can meditate to regain MP (mana points) with the S key.

Yuki is strictly ranged and has a pretty decent variety of homing and AoE attacks. I really enjoyed playing my Yuki character, even though they are a little difficult to keep alive with their minimal hit points. She is, in fact, my favorite character thus far. They have really great damage even at lower levels. She easily slows down enemies with her powerful frost magic, and makes for a very fun character to play.

Krieg El Hati [Templar]

Lunia KriegIntroduced as a character yearning for the revenge of his murdered parents, Krieg has one fierce personality. Krieg is the character I found the most useful to be partied with. Not only do Kriegs have a great deal of high-damaging attacks and decent melee damage, but they can heal as well. He is not quite as efficient in healing as Eir the healer, but considering his strengths the ability is extremely useful; he can heal on top of being so bulky and combat oriented (very quickly and effectively at that), thus he has well deserved the attention he has been receiving.

Krieg dual wields huge mallet-like hammers, which allow a pretty decent amount of range in his attacks. He also has a great deal of combos, which is rare with most of the newer characters in the game. He wears minimal clothing to start, but his equipment usually make him look gigantic (especially the plated armor). The one downside to him I have experienced is that he is a little slow when it comes to spell cool-downs. I have to say that I did not really enjoy playing Krieg, as tanking is not my style, but I did find him a very effective partner in stages (especially during boss battles). He is not the most popular character of the bunch but I do see more of them lugging around day by day.

Arien Carnesir [Archer]

Lunia ArienArien was an extremely anticipated character in ijji’s version of Lunia. Many players had been waiting impatiently for a ranged class, and this is it. Of course, Ryan was soon released after… but he does not play at all like this Arien character. Arien is at harmony with nature and normally refuses to engage in combat. However, with the forest in danger, she will do anything to protect her homeland, and it very well seems that the forest is in fact, in danger. Time for some orc slaying!

Arien is your typical elven archer: tall and slim stature, luscious blonde hair, long ears, you name it. Of course, she sports a somewhat skimpy faerie-like dress. She was a difficult character to start off with, but she begins to get very powerful as she gets access to more skills. She is purely ranged with the exception of melee bow slashes and a few kicking skills. Arien also has access to some spells with beautiful flashy effects like the phoenix summon spell. She also has access to some lightning, fire, and ice spells, which makes her a very versatile character. These spells are also wonderful for crowd control.  This character is very well known to be wonderful at skill spam. Be sure to be very alert when playing this character! She has a very low pool of mana and hit points, and so she is vulnerable if monsters get near her. Make sure to stay afar, and kick some butt from a distance.

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