Luvinia Marriage Interview

Luvinia Marriage Interview

Interview Questions Provided by Jaime Skelton (MissyS), OnRPG/MMOHuts News Correspondent
Answers Provided by GM_Refresh, Outspark Representative




Today, Outspark announced an exciting new marriage system for their brand new free-to-play fantasy MMORPG, Luvinia, which is expected to launch just after Valentine’s Day. MissyS, OnRPG’s newest team member was offered a tour of Luvinia’s new map region, Zendo Hunter’s Camp, and had a chance to do some Q&A with GM_Refresh on the detailed marriage system:


MissyS: Luvinia is now getting a marriage system at the best time of the year. Is there any reason players have had to wait until this date? 

GM_Refresh:  When the game first launched, our focus was on creating fantastic social experiences that would build a warm and inviting community around meaningful friendships. Since then, deep bonds have formed and players have started to enjoy romantic courtships.  We thought what better timing than to offer dream weddings around Valentine’s Day.



MissyS: Will there be a special couple to be the first to share their vows in Luvinia?

GM_Refresh:  The first to get married?  We’re leaving that honor for the community as it will be in the wee hours of the morning once the game emerges from scheduled maintenance.  I am excited that I’ll be getting married in a GM ceremony on launch day and there will be many exciting events for all to attend.  We’ll be posting our plans weekdays at 4pm PT on Facebook at for those who want to follow.



MissyS: What kind of courtship will players have to go through before they get married?

GM_Refresh: For players who wish to get married in Luvinia, they’ll need to form a 2-person team in order to receive Marriage Quests at the Marriage NPC in Aurora. Once they obtain and use the item “Love Vine” they’ll become engaged lovers, then they’ll be allowed to register for and book a wedding venue.  The groom will need to buy a pair of wedding rings and dress up before the ceremony.  The bride will enjoy dressing too.  When the couple is finished with their vows and exchanging rings, they will be announced husband and wife.  The bride and groom can then hug and kiss.  They’ll be able to party with their invited guests and from that moment on they’ll have the title “Newlywed.”



MissyS: How expensive will it be to tie the knot?

GM_Refresh: Players have the option to pay for the weddings using either Gold or Planar Essence both of which can be obtained in game. The cost varies depending on factors including but not limited to the amount of decoration, different types of rings and wedding dress.  Planar Essence can also be earned in our Share The Luv promotion where those who refer 3 friends receive 10 non-tradable Planar Essence and the top referrer, from now until Valentine’s Day, will also win a complete wedding package with cake, confetti, fireworks, venue, rings and more.  Details are at


MissyS: Let’s talk weddings – what will Luvinia offer to the special couple to make their ceremony event special, for both the couple and their guests?

GM_Refresh: There are tons of beautiful and interesting items available in-game to make one’s wedding special.  From different wedding rings to invitation cards, balloons, fireworks and decorations, players will be able to pick and choose what will appear in their wedding venue.  The shopping aspect of the wedding for the couple will be an incredibly fun experience.  The couple can also be joined by up to 100 friends and family for the ceremony which can be customized with special events like the Wedding Cake Collection where guests can collect wedding cake slices as items and redeem them for SP and Gold, Wedding Bouquet Monsters, where guests can kill Bouquet Monsters to obtain SP and Gold as rewards, and Wedding Candies, provided by NPC Emcee which can be used to receive time buffs such as higher EXP, critical hit points, etc.



MissyS: What kind of boosts will married players get?

GM_Refresh: They don’t really get boosts but they do get the title of “Newlywed” upon the completion of Marriage Quest and wear certain rings that unlock special effects around the character.



MissyS: Will there be an option for same-sex marriages?

GM_Refresh: Yes, there will not be any gender restriction.



MissyS: What if love goes sour – will players be able to say their “I don’ts”?

GM_Refresh: Definitely, there will be Collaborative Divorce and Forced Divorce.



MissyS: Are there any other special relationships that players can enter besides marriage?

GM_Refresh: Players can be engaged before the real marriage.



MissyS: We’re looking forward to seeing what comes from this next chapter in the beautiful fairytale world of Luvinia. Thanks again for taking the time to answer these questions!


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