Maple Story (English Version)

Simple introduction: its a 2D platform side scroller, with a healthy dose of Anime and addictive gameplay.

Great game, really. Just think about it. Reminds you of when you wer playing Mario, except that now you get to choose between 4 Jobs, and you gottta have the right stats and stick to that class after the 2nd Job Advancement.

Pretty cool game, very interactive.

Downside is that the English Version is far from complete, and is still going through alot of patching to flush out hackers, as well as not all areas and monsters have been implemented. Quests as well. The Cash Shop is still not open.

However they do try to make up in several ways. Like the recent X’Mas Event. Pretty lame, but oh well. Quite repetitive as you fight, but somehow it isn’t as boring as you think it to be. Rarity of items may really be rare; the occasional appearing of one can renew that vigor in you to go on and fight some more.

Currency in MS in not inflated in any sense at all. And easy to earn too.

Skills and their effects are yet another plus point. You should try it today.

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