MEAD: RIFT’s Storm Legion Expansion

MEAD: RIFT’s Storm Legion Expansion


Last week PCGamer received a box full of mystery from the lovely folks at Trion. Inside were a variety of items, all of which seemed to be hinting at something but everyone had their own interpretation of what these items meant. I’m sure my box is in the mail, I’ll get it right after I get back from my invitation to visit the Queen. You know, that’s how cool I am. Anyway! As with anything Trion didn’t keep us waiting long. And on Thursday, just a few short days after PCGamer wrote about these items the world found out what was going on. Storm Legion, Rift’s first expansion. I found out on twitter and dropped everything I was doing to find out more. And watch the trailer because Trion just makes awesome videos. Even the painful ones are awesome.



Need a moment after watching that? I certainly do! The infinity gate was easily the best looking part. And Crucia…her human form (we assume that’s who it is) is hot! In one of those evil seductress sort of ways. To me the plane of air has always been under used and their rifts are by far the most beautiful of them all. So finally seeing something big happening has me a bit excited. But an invasion force is just the beginning of what Storm Legion will bring.



The biggest physically is the addition of two new continents which will make the world three times the size it is now. My inner explorer squeed a bit when she heard that. I haven’t even finished exploring Ember Isle yet! In addition to two new continents (or possibly on one of these continents) there will be the new co-op city called Tempest Bay which they describe as an island city. Of course keeping to the theme this will also be massive!



The smallest, but possibly one of the most generally exciting features is capes! Now, I know. It sound funny, I was just talking about new continents and now I’m talking about bits of cloth. But these capes won’t be just any old thing. It is made using shroud technology. ??Now of course I have no idea what that is but according to the FAQ section of it means the cape will move and hang on the body like real cloth. In addition they will display some beautiful artwork in fully fluid motion.



There are also going to be new epic stories that are supposed to reveal the true power in Telara. Again, I have no idea what that means but oh man does it excite me. They’ve also said they will reveal the gateway to the planes. Which I have to say I have been wanting to go to since I started playing Rift. I can proudly say I called this early on when the expansion was touted as bringing big things.



What I think will be the biggest in terms of popularity will be the seven dungeons, three raids and chronicle that will be attached to Storm Legion. For me though, the chronicle is interesting, not so much the others. That’s not to say I wouldn’t love to experience them. I think I just suffer from a bit of social anxiety when it comes to working with groups of strangers who expect things of me. Its like a giant spotlight on me and well that’s no fun. Though I would love to get into the scene before Storm Legion is released so I’ll be able to play anything that is high level.


Unless of course that high level happens to mean level 60. Which brings me to the next announcement. The level cap is being raised from 50 to 60. I have a bit of hesitation when it comes to this. I’ve never been in a game when a level cap increase has taken place. Except in sort of artificial ways like Planar Attunement or Incarnates in City of Heroes. And what I’ve heard from people who have been in such situations tends to be complaints. But! This is Trion. And I have complete faith in them that they will do nothing but awesome. Mostly because I think the dev team was bred to be awesome. But that’s just a personal theory.


There is a bit more on the character development front which I just know is going to mess with me. But in a good way. Each calling is getting a new soul. There isn’t any information on what they are yet but I know every player out there is secretly (or not so secretly) making a wish list.


Also on a personal level there will be Grandmaster crafting. Possibly a bump in the cap on crafting level? I’m not sure yet. But that is what I would guess. Oh and something important. So important…to some. Slivers to own and customize. This is open for both guilds and on a player level. What does that mean? Houses. Inns. War rooms! I can’t wait to get sucked into the creation process. Whatever it may be.


In addition there will be the much smaller scaled items. The artifacts, mounts, pets..the things that make collectors but squee and weep at the same time.


There are so many fantastic things coming in Storm Legion and not nearly enough details yet. Some details that are missing are things like release dates and cost. Not that I think any fanboy or fangirl will care about either overly. Importantly we will be able to pre order both digital and physical copies. Though it seems the physical copies may only be available in North America and Europe. I will be sure to announce any details as I hear them.

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