Mighty Party: iOS Worldwide Release

Mighty Party

Mighty Party: Heroes Clash for Apple iOS is a turn-based RPG featuring certain card-battle elements. The game developed by Panoramik Inc (a team responsible for creating Forge of Gods: Tactical RPG) is based on a free-to-play business model with the optional micro transactions.

The game takes players to a fantasy World of Pangea. The plot revolves around unconscious Adam finding himself in Celestial Citadel full of different monsters and bosses. His path is plenty of legendary adventures and great battles as Adam has to save the World and it’s flawless Lilith. He does not know, however, this trip is much more than just a mere form of entertainment and has a real effect on reality.

Collect hundreds of characters, train your Mighty Party to combat any opposition that comes your way! It’s live on Apple iOS right now!

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