Monster and Me

By Onrpg

Don’t let the silly name fool you, this is an extremely addictive MMORPG.

Monster and Me has a console-like feel to it. Battles are random, and turn based. Combat is actually quite fun, only downside being the battles may drive you a wee-bit crazy sometimes. Gameplay does get repetitive, but after taking a break for awhile, you’ll certainly wanna dive back in to more of those random encounters. Did I mention how quickly you level up? You level up faster in this game than any other I’ve ever played, taking some of the tedium out of fighting.

I must say that I was actually impressed with the visuals. Granted they won’t blow you away, but they are alot better than I was expecting. Attention to detail on some of the maps is simply stunning. It’s really too bad that there are so few character skins to choose from. Those being far less impressive graphically than the environments.

The sounds didn’t really impress, but they aren’t untolerable. The battle BGM is a standout tune.

Be sure to bank any money you have immediately, the game is filled with theives waiting to steal your hard earned cash. This isn’t a problem though because you can bank from anywhere. There really isn’t some complex spell or skill system here, the game revolves around the leveling of your character and pets.

Monster And Me

Ahhh the pets. You can capture just about any monster in the game, though some are alot harder to get your hands on than others. Level up your pet until it’s a high level little bugger, then sell him for big bucks. Rinse. Repeat.

I highly recommend you pick up this game. As far as free MMORPGs go, it’s one of the best.

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