Mu Online

Mu Online is a 3D MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Role-playing game) developed by Webzen. It is set in medevial times, and you may choose from three classes: Dark Knight, Dark Wizard, and Elf. You may also create a Magic Gladiator, a mix between a Dark Knight and a Dark Wizard, but you must get a character to level 220 before you can have access to him. There is no character creation system, every class member looks the same. You control your character with your mouse, and use the “Q”, “W”, and “E” keys for shortcuts in the use of items (health and mana potions, etc.). Now, on to the review…..

Mu Online has excellent 3D graphics for a MMORPG of its kind. It has very detailed character models, and (for the most part) good background scenery. The buildings in Mu are well-textured and very solid looking up close. The backgrounds have some very cool ambient effects, such as grass swaying in the breeze. All the monsters are well animated, and some are breath-taking. The spell effects are excellent (especially the Dark Wizard’s lightning spell), usually very well animated and beautiful. Combat styles are usually very entertaining to watch, although some are pretty stupid. Overall, Mu’s graphics deserve 8/10, because although they are good for the most part, some of the smaller things (such as chairs) look kind of sloppy.

Mu’s sound is extremely annoying. I couldn’t get the BGMs (Background Music) to work, and even if I had I don’t think they would have helped much. The monster’s screechings and wailings are absolutely the most annoying stuff I’ve heard in a game. You try and play a whole day with budge dragons, hounds, and liches screaming at the top of their lungs. It almost drove me insane, so I rarely had the speakers on while I played Mu. The weapon sound effects are decen though, as are your footsteps. Mu’s sound gets a 5/10 because although the monster sound effects are loud and annoying, the rest is pretty decent.

Mu’s gameplay is somewhat of a mixed bag. The combat is pretty stale, I mean how excited can you get watching your character swinging stroke after stroke with you just sitting there staring. It’s completely non-interactive, just click on a monster and sit back and enjoy the show. You can make it “interactive” by making it so that you have to click on the monster every time you want your character to attack (a la Priston Tale), but your finger will hate you for it. Spell casting and archery are automatic as well, unless you make the finger-cramping change. You can PK (Player-Kill) in this game, only it’s not very rewarding. You can only PK once every 3 hours, unless you wish to branded as a murderer. If you are branded as a murderer, merchants will not sell you anything and you will have a greater chance of dropping one of your items if you get killed by another player. If another player attacks you, then self-defense will be set up against him. That is, you can kill them while you are defending yourself and you will not be penalized for it. The same goes for you if you attack, only vice-versa. However, if you become a murderer, will you NOT have the benefit of self-defense; if you attack back, it will set up self-defense against you(After 4-5 hours you will no longer be a murderer). If you decide to kill another player while you are still a murderer, you will become a Phonomaniac (I still don’t know where they got that word from). If you are a Phonomaniac(you must wait 9 hours before you become normal again), players will not be penalized in any way for killing you, and you have even greater chances of dropping one of your items. Socially speaking, besides being able to create parties and join a guild, there is nothing much besides the ordinary sell/trade/buy stuff usually going on in the main town. Mu’s Gameplay deserves a 6/10, because I dislike its PK system, and the combat system isn’t very engaging.

Final Comments
Mu could have been so much more, if the developers only had spent a little more time with it. They should have added a job system, or at least a skill system much like Runescape’s. They should have had staff-run events, where the winners could recieve special pieces of armor, etc. I gave Mu 7/10 overall, because it can be very addicting, just don’t expect too much out of it. But, don’t take my word for it, click the link below and download it for yourself (it’s only 60 megabytes).

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