New Flyff Game Server Opens in Preparation of 7th Version Update

New Flyff Game Server Opens in Preparation of 7th Version Update

SAN JOSE, California – January 25, 2006 – Gala-Net, Inc. celebrates its success of the Online Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Game, Flyff: Fly for Fun, by opening a new Server Cluster to support its growing community of players.

Gala-Net, Inc. is the online community operator and creator of the massive GPotato game portal. Players registered with GPotato may enjoy any of Gala-Net’s four powerful online games on the portal, Flyff, Space Cowboy, Rappelz, and the upcoming Corum Online. Players of these unique games are able to download and access the games for free and may go on to buy cosmetic items and minor functionality upgrades for their game character.

Yoon Im, Producer of Flyff explains, “To accommodate for the increasing number of new users and the upcoming 7th version update (Coming next week). We have opened a new world cluster Glaphan. The brand new world cluster, like all the previous servers, will include 3 PVE channel and also include a PK channel.” The 7th Version will include upgrades in gameplay and an increase in in-game content.

Flyff previously operated four servers for its players. These servers are named after popular enemies in the game: “La Wolf”, “Aibatt”, “Mushpoie”, and “Mia”. The new server is named appropriately after a strong enemy character called a “Glaphan” and it is already open for use. The “Glaphan” Server is expected to host an additional 3,000+ users playing simultaneously. Players from numerous countries all over the world can use any server to play the game together.

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