OnRPG Toolbar Review: A nifty tool to keep you on top of MMOs!

By Bryan King (Bryan), OnRPG Journalist

If you’re on this website, chances are… you like MMOs. Personally speaking, I dislike missing a beat in the MMO industry, whether it’s a game being released, rumors, or previews; I want to be on top of it! The OnRPG Toolbar allows you to be updated on all of the latest happenings in the MMO industry, check up on all of the latest posts on the OnRPG forum, and even check your local whether! How cool is that?

Reviews, News, and Interviews


Tired of having to Google your way around to find a decent review? Want to find the latest buzz on that MMO you’ve been waiting for? With the OnRPG toolbar, just clicking a couple times will fill you on all the latest reviews, news, and interviews posted on the OnRPG website. The toolbar also features a search page that allows you to search the entire website for info on any game you’re looking for!


This is a handy way for you to stay updated on the MMO industry!

Forum Junkies, Unite!


The OnRPG Forum is a great source of news from the entire community that OnRPG has, and with the OnRPG Toolbar, you can now easily navigate the forums directly from it! Visit the latest threads, or the most popular sections of the OnRPG forum directly from the navigation menu!



Email notification


Hate getting swamped by emails and not knowing to do with them? The toolbar features a unique notification menu where a new email will be alerted to you by a numerical amount of emails you have, and, by preference, a sound will tell you that a new email has arrived! Syndicating your email account is very simple, too, all you have to do is basically follow the same process you use when logging into your email. To access your email from the toolbar, all you have to do is click on the Email button, and bam, you’re email inbox will pop up in the same window, new tab, or different window, the choice is yours!



Extra Goodies!


The OnRPG Toolbar is the jack of all trades. Want to know your local weather? You got it! The Weather portion of the toolbar gives you an automatic three day forecast (of course after automatically determining your location by IP address, or letting you choose one if it can’t) based on your location, the status (whether it’s raining, any haze, etc.) and more! It’s a great alternative to nit-picking search engines, looking to see whether or not that outdoor MMO convention you’re going to will be rained out. 



Featured is also an online radio widget, which allows you to choose or add an online radio of your choice, so you can get down to some nice tunes while gaming, without any extra RAM usage!




In conclusion, the OnRPG toolbar is a great way for you to stay ahead of the MMO industry, manage emails, and even listen to music! It offers features you won’t find in many other toolbars, and does it in a fashion that’s easy on the eyes, too!



If you like what you’ve seen so far you can download the OnRPG toolbar here.

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