Oz Virtual World

Overview: Oz world is a 3D MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Role-playing game). Oz world encourage gamers to make friends around. Oz have a level up system. Oz have a selection between the mouse and the keyboard to move around. You can go shopping around in the world of Oz and fish for underwater creatures to earn gold.

Graphics: Oz world has good 3D graphics for a MMORPG of its own game category. It has very detailed character and buildings, different wether conditions. It has cool effects too like the small wave circles created when something land in the water. The character is well animated with realstics features. Oz has different camera angles which could be adjust by the player but having some restrictions. Oz deserve a 7/10 for it’s graphics, Oz could score a better mark if the camera views dosent have the restrictions and the posture of the characters sleep on the bed.

Sound: Oz has a variety of background music at different places of the game, the background musics are smoothing and relaxing to your game play. It also has effects sound like the casting of fishing rods and landing of them, swimming in the water, sitting down on the bench and many more. OZ enables you to turn the volume of the indivual sound effects according to your likings. Oz deserve a high mark of 9/10 for its sound category.

Gameplay: Oz world like i had said earlier on that it encourages gamers to make friends around and had a virtual romace world. In the world of Oz, gamers gain gold by fishing different kinds of fishes which could sell for different prices sometimes in special ocassion gamers can earn more gold by attending events, gamers can buy clothes from stores and dress the way you wants, gamers can also purchase house, furniture, flowers and many other stuffs. Starting with a Citizen rank, gamers have to give flower to different people to Level up the rank, the higher the rank you gets this enables you to more varities of items. There are different towns and zones which you can explore with. Oz gameplay deserve a 6.5/10 as sometimes it gets pretty bored fishing fishes for gold you gotta find yourself a bunch of good friends which you can communicate well where the fun will begins.

Addtional Comments: If Oz has the funds to buy the patch from Korea, English Oz can be a much more better game than now, with new zones new stuffs it will be a brand new experince for every gamer on the run. This game is suitable for both male and female and for all ages. The downloading speed for Oz is quite fast, for me it just took me a couple of minutes.

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