Oz Online offers a breath of fresh air in today’s combat-ruled MMORPG landscape. Instead of forcing players to compete against each other, this game promotes community and friendship by concentrating on friendly interactions and social gatherings. Players who decide to participate in the unique system of Oz Personal have a much easier time making friends online, at the same time getting to know some of them in real-life.

The driving force of Oz Online is in fishing. This is how players advance in the game, earning social points and Gold. While the early levels only serve to introduce the players to Oz-style fishing, it can be a thing of art at higher levels. There are skills that enhance various aspects of a player’s fishing prowess, and seeking the best spots for different types of fish easily takes a life of its own. Forming a party with other players also speeds up the process of advancing as a fisher, and finding a willing gamer is never a problem.

There are numerous ways of spending the wealth gained through fishing. Literally thousands of customizable items exist, from clothing, hairstyles, accessories, and many others. Even item combinations are possible to allow for the creation of rare and interesting items. Players may own a house for themselves as well, free to choose from many pieces of furniture and hardware for decoration. No character looks the same; people soon recognize a player by the way she looks alone.

Those interested may opt to post a classified ad in Oz Personal section of the game’s web site. Think of it as a space for players to share a little about who they are, with photos and descriptions. Oz Personal provides our players a foundation from which they can grow strong bonds with one another. There are cases where in-game relationships develop into real-life ones. To help facilitate such couples, Oz Online also allows in-game marriage, complete with presents and honeymoon houses.

This game will prove a nice change of pace for those looking for a space to just relax with friends. All they need to do is, well, populate the game world, and Oz Online will take care of the rest. Many events have been prepared to greet new players, and player-organized contests are also on the horizon. Oz Online is currently offering free lifetime accounts to new players.

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